Formaldehyde Detectors

Deelat formaldehyde detectors are used to measure the presence of formaldehyde in the air. Deelat formaldehyde detectors search for the quantity of formaldehyde particles in the air and display the results on the screen. Deelat formaldehyde detectors are intended for any setting where the presence of formaldehyde is possible or suspected, including homes, manufacturing facilities, offices, schools, and medical environments.
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$71 - $164
Operating Humidity
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Formaldehyde Detector and Humidity Tester

Formaldehyde Detector and Humidity Tester The formaldehyde detector and humidity tester has a measuring range of 0-4 PPM with a response time of less than 30 seconds at 20°C for formaldehyde and 30 – 90% for humidity. The dimensions of the unit...

Technical Details
Gas Tested: CH2O In the Air
Humidity: 30.0-90.0%RH
Formaldehyde: 0-4.00 PPM or 0-5.00mg/m3
Resolution: Humidity 1%RH ; Formaldehyde 0.01PPM,0.01mg/m3
Accuracy: Humidity +/-3% ; Formaldehyde +/- 5%
Response time: <30 sec at 20°C
Sampling Method: Diffusion type
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Formaldehyde Detector and Meter

Formaldehyde Detector and Meter The formaldehyde detector and meter has a measuring range of 0-3 mg per cubic meter with a response time of less than 30 seconds. The resolution is .01 mg per cubic meter, and the dimensions of the unit are 91.5 x...

Technical Details
Gas Tested: HCHO In the Air
Measuring Range: 0-3 mg/m3 (Measure may be affected by ethanol environment)
Resolution: 0.01 mg/m3
Minimum Reading: 0.01 mg/m3
Accuracy: +/-0.03 mg/m3 or +/-5%
Response Time: Less than 30 Seconds
Sensor Type: Electrochemical HCHO Sensor