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Can the system be used in a totally wireless environment? Is the keypad wireless? Does it have motion and door entry capabilities? How is it monitored? Does it have a audible alarm? Is it WIFI enabled, can I monitor it myself?Ken F. on Aug 14, 2017
Best answer Hello Ken, thank you for your questions. No the system cannot be used in a totally wireless environment. The keypad is not wireless either, it needs to be wired to the power supply of the panel. The system does have motion and door entry capabilities, you will have to connect with PIR and door sensors through the panel. You will have to subscribe with a monitoring service. The system does have an output for an audible alarm but you must purchase the siren separately. The alarm system is not WIFI enabled and it can be monitored by you
Reply Deelat Industrial on Sep 19, 2017
hi, pls advise what comes in the package Thanksdave s. on Feb 27, 2018
Best answer Hello Dave, thank you for your question. What you see in the photo plus a remote is what you receive with our Intruder and Burglar Alarm System. What will be in the package will be the Remote, password keypad, and receiving disarm.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Mar 01, 2018
Does this system operate on a battery backup? How easy is it to install?Anna I. on Apr 10, 2018
Best answer Hello Anna, thank you for your question. The burglary Alarm System is desgined to be installed and hard wired to electricity. However, it can be wired to work on a backup battery if power does go out. This can be done on your own but we always recommend a professional to do any kind of installation requiring electricity.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Apr 11, 2018