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Subcategory Questions

Does this clamp come with a wider grip range.?Scott M. on Feb 07, 2018
Best answer Hello Scott, thank you for your question. This beam clamp does not come with a wider range but we do have an array of beam clamps that could fit your application. Please contact our customer support team to go over all the options we offer to find the best fit for you.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Feb 09, 2018
What is the widest beam flange it will accomodate?David D. on Mar 09, 2018
Best answer Hello David, thank you for your question. As stated on the specs, the grip range for this beam clamp is 75-230 MM meaning that will be the widest the beam can be.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Mar 12, 2018
Does this magnet need 100% coverage to perform well. Can it be used in a screen lifting application. screen sizes vary from 1/8" openings to 6" openings?Glen R. on Dec 12, 2018
Best answer Hello Glen, thank you for your question. In theory, the magnetic lifter will left anything that is metal or that is attracted to the magnet, however, we do not recommend you use this magnetic lifter as it is intended to left very heavy items.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Dec 13, 2018