Sun Tunnel Flexi-Tube Kit 343mm Diameter, 2.0m Height, Orb, Hob, Dek or Flat Flashing

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General Description

This solar sun tunnel will brighten any dark space or environment with a soft, warm, evenly distributed natural light. Utilizing a flexible, ultra reflective tubing that is engineered to increase the amount of captured light immensely over traditional skylights and without transferring heat. Enjoy the brightness of your newly exposed space at a far more affordable cost. Manufactured in the American Plaque Factory and manufacturing using only the highest quality materials. Warranty available, ask for details.

Kit Includes:
Clear Dome - Constructed from rugged, long-lasting acrylic and engineered to prevent condensation. Collar is weather flexible to accommodate severe fluctuations in temperature and conditions and simply will not leak or crack.

Durable Flashing - Manufactured with orb, hob, dek or flat to ensure the highest quality. The seamless flashing prevents leakage. Designed with a forward slope angle to maximize sunlight exposure from any roof pitch.

2.0m Reflective Flexi-Tubes - These tubes are applied with an ultra-reflective coating that allows them to reflect 99% of the white light hitting the tubing. These tubing units capture sunlight and reflect it at anytime of day, but are specifically designed to reflect light early in the morning and around sunset when light is needed most. A stainless steel upper ring seals the tubing to prevent heat loss from your home or structure.

Poly-carbonate Lenses - Energy efficiency is paramount and the poly-carbonate lenses assist in achieving the Energy Star Rating.

Ceiling Collar - Manufactured from stainless steel the high quality ceiling collar guarantees a moisture and dust free seal.

Light Fixture - Manufactured with high grade aluminium and finished with a white or black powder coat.

Prismatic Diffuser - The diffuser is set at a slight angle to diffuse the light entering the unit and prevent hot spots.

Technical Details

Brand: Deelat Industrial
Warranty: 180 Day
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