Industrial Floor Scale

- 3307lbs - 40" W x 78 3/4"L - Digital - Low Profile
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Low Profile Digital Floor Scale (Indicator Stand Sold Separate) - 2000 lbs

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General Description

Industrial Floor Scale - 3307lbs - 40" W x 78 3/4"L - Digital - Low Profile

The industrial floor scale has a digital display, is low profile, and has a steel construction. The size of the scale is 40" wide by 78 3/4" long, and the weight capacity is 3307lbs.

The pallet scale has an internal mechanism that determines the weight of any object placed on it, digitally displaying the weight. The scales are designed with a rough surface, and the feet on the scales are adjustable to suit specific needs. Since the scale is low profile, it will not obstruct the workplace, and the display allows hold, tare, and print functions.

The heavy duty pallet scale is used in industrial settings and warehouses for measuring items such as bulk containers and pallets, for any item in shipping and receiving, and even for weighing livestock.
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SKU #D1047068
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Technical Details

Certifications: NTEP
Length: 78-3/4"
Width: 40"
Height: 4"
Construction: Steel
Capacity: 13307lbs
Readability: 1 lb
Working Time of indicator: 3 consecutive hours W/O plugging (Rechargeable Battery)
Display Unit: Kg and lbs
Brand: Deelat Industrial
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James F.
Feb 12, 2021

Where is the electrical pin out schematic for making the cable to connect to a PC?

Benjamin G.
Mar 02, 2021

What accuracy is the 3,000kg scale at lower weights such as 20 - 200kg?

Michele M.
May 14, 2018

is wire included

The wire that connects the digital display and the platform of the scale is included. If you purchased a scale and did not receive the wire please contact our customer support team immediately and provide your invoice number.

Reply Deelat Industrial on May 15, 2018
Mark L.
Mar 20, 2019

Hi, does the industrial floor scale have a function of recording and data uploading data to a PC?

This specific scale does not have a function to record data in this manner. It does have a RS232 serial port that can be used to connect the scale to a printer.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Mar 27, 2019
Michel L.
Jul 12, 2019

Is this scale calibrated so it is legal for trade?

The scale has the CE certification mark that indicates it conforms with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Jul 22, 2019
Jun 05, 2018

I have two questions. #1 How high is the unit? ( I know it is 120cm wide by 120cm deep.) #2 How much does it weigh? ( I know the capacity is 3000kg)

The height of the scale is roughly 10 CM high. The floor scale also weighs about 85 KG.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Jun 06, 2018
Juan Pablo D.
Aug 14, 2018

What is the temperature rating for this scale? I want to know if I’m able to keep this product outside?

The temperature rating for this scale is -20°C to 50°C. The scale its self can certainly be outside, however, the digital reader is not weatherproof so its better to use in an indoor setting.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Aug 22, 2018
Mark H.
Apr 18, 2018

Do all your scales meet Class 1 Division 1 requirements?

The floor scale does not meet Class 1 Div 1 requirements. Our floor scales only have CE and UL certifications.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Apr 20, 2018
Laith S.
Mar 08, 2021

Hi, I was looking into the potential purchase of the Industrial Floor Scale - 3000kg, 120 cm W x 120 cm L - Digital - Low Profile, can you tell me if this item comes with a calibration certificate or whether it is possible to obtain a calibration certificate for the scales as we would need ongoing calibration support?

Our floor scale does not come with calibration certificate, but we always calibrate them before they leave our factory. There are instructions for calibration in the manual, you may simply follow the procedure to calibrate if you needed.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Apr 01, 2021
Bert R.
Apr 23, 2018

What is the warranty on the pallets sales and what is the weigh range in? i.e is it individual kgs or 5 kgs etc?

The floor scale comes with a 180 day warranty. The floor scale reads in individual measurements, either lbs of KG.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Apr 25, 2018
Geoffrey R.
Apr 11, 2021

Can this run off of a 12V battery?

The scale has its own battery inside that gets charged when it is plugged in. You cannot connect additional battery sources, but on a full charge it will last up to 3 hours so that you can move the scale to an area where you want to use it. It does have a long cord, but perhaps another workaround is to plug it into a generator.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Apr 12, 2021
amanda J.
May 10, 2018

Hi is the weight display able to be set up on a post off the actual platform for easier viewing?

The digital display is designed to be installed on a bracket that is screwed onto the platform of the scale. However, in theory you could put the display on a post off the platform but the problem you will run into is that the cable length. The cable provided will not be long enough as the display is suppose to be on the platform. We do not sell longer cables.

Reply Deelat Industrial on May 15, 2018
Ben g.
Sep 11, 2019

What is availability of this floor scale - ie. how soon does it ship after placing the order; and where does it ship from?

The majority of our floor scales are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Please call our toll-free customer support for exact transit times to your delivery address.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Sep 16, 2019
Norimi S.
May 14, 2018

Floor Scale - 3000kg, 80 cm W x 80 cm D - Digital - what is the height of the product? If leave an empty bins/crates on the scale all the time, will it cause some damage to the scale?

The height of the scale is approximately 10 cm which is just under 4" tall. We do not recommend leaving anything on the platform of the scale when it is not in use as it may cause inaccurate readings.

Reply Deelat Industrial on May 15, 2018
Francois M.
Nov 06, 2019

Can the scale be located outside and still give accurate readings ? By outside I mean in a small protective construct but not cold isolated

The industrial floor scale can give accurate readings in an outside environment for a short period of time, but if kept outside for a longer time frame, the environment might make the readings a little less accurate.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Nov 11, 2019
Neil F.
Aug 15, 2017

Can the digital scale reader be moved?

Yes the reader can be moved. The reader comes with a bracket that can be installed onto the scale or on a wall or any flat surface. The cable provided that connects the reader to scale is 1.5 meters long.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Aug 15, 2017
Joyleen W.
Jan 29, 2020

Can we store a liquid nitrogen tank on the scale i.e. the tank remains on the scale and we check the weight periodically?

Yes, you can store a liquid nitrogen tank on the industrial floor scale. It is advisable to keep the scale turned off while you are storing it.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Jan 31, 2020
tom c.
Nov 17, 2017


This digital floor scale will be the best option out of all the floor scales we offer. It is only 3/4" smaller than the 4' x 4' you are looking for but should certainly get the job done. This floor scale will be able to weigh in pounds and kilograms in increments of 1. You can switch between pounds and kilograms with a touch of a button. Set up and installation are a breeze for these scales as well.

Reply Deelat Industrial on Nov 29, 2017
Wayne c.
May 18, 2020

Can you weigh large horses on it?

Yes, you can weigh large horses on our industrial floor scales, as long as they are within the weight and size limits of each product.

Reply Deelat Industrial on May 19, 2020
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Industrial Floor Scale_D1047068_1
SKU #D1047068
Industrial Floor Scale - 3307lbs - 40" W x 78 3/4"L - Digital - Low Profile

Industrial Floor Scale - 3307lbs - 40" W x 78 3/4"L - Digital - Low Profile The industrial floor scale has a digital display, is low profile, and has a steel construction. The size of the scale is 40" wide by 78 3/4" long, and the weight...

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