Tips to Prepare your Home for Fall Weather

Fall has arrived and that means the weather is getting cooler (unless you happen to live in one of those always-sunny states). The leaves will be falling and so will the rain as winter edges closer and closer. That means it’s time to prepare your home for some rough conditions.

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During the summer months, you may have taken the weather for granted, spending your afternoons and evening outdoors, enjoying your garden, but those days are gone until next year. There’s lots to enjoy about the new Fall season, but also the potential for issues to arise that can affect your property and your safety.

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Below are some handy tips to help you avoid this and prepare your home for the new Fall season.

Get your garden ready

You’ll be spending less time in your garden, but you can’t afford to ignore it over the Fall and Winter otherwise you’ll have a huge job on your hands when Spring finally comes around. Get your garden ready with the right tools whether for pruning flowers or pressure washing patio areas prior to storage to keep them from getting grimy and slippery.


Storage and protection

You also need to ensure that your outdoor furniture is protected from the elements with tarps to avoid cold moisture which can freeze and cause damage. You don’t want to find out that they’ve been ruined when the time comes to use them again. You may want to look into some new storage options to make sure you have somewhere to keep your outdoor items that are safe and secure.


Invest in lighting

As the nights will become darker earlier in the coming months, you may need to think about adding more illumination to your yard or outdoor pathway to give you better access after the sun goes down, and also boost your overall security. In Fall, outdoor lighting becomes very important.


Prepare for icy weather

As Fall moves towards winter, icy mornings will become more common and you need to ensure that the weather doesn’t affect your ability to go about your daily business. Deicing cables and driveway heating cables will help you do that by eliminating unwanted ice. They’re easy to install and are certainly worth looking into!

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Keep your home safe

The colder weather and early sunsets will make it more likely that you will be lighting your home with candles and warming it with  a fireplace. This can create a lovely, cozy atmosphere, but it can also represent an increased risk to your home, so you need to make sure you are protected with top quality smoke detectors to warn you of any potential hazards.

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