Tips to Prepare for an All Day Hike

When the weather is great (or even when it’s not so great), a hike into the countryside is a perfect way to find peace, relaxation and a taste of the natural world. It’s also excellent exercise, burning lots of calories while filling your lungs with fresh air.


And, the best part of all, it’s fun, but only if you’re well prepared for what you might need during your trip, otherwise it can turn into a nightmare. First time hikers can end up without the proper clothing, or even underestimate the appropriate amount of food and water to take with them.

Even experienced hikers can forget to prepare properly sometimes, but that doesn’t have to be you. Here are some useful tips to prepare for all day hike!

Select Your Hike Carefully

This is particularly essential if it is your first time, but for any level of hiker, you need to do your research before heading straight into the wild. You must know what your route is, how long it should take and where any potential risks are, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of getting stranded and having more trouble rather than fun on your agenda.

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It’s easier than ever to do this research now that the internet has given us sites that map popular routes with all kinds of guidance from experts to help you along. Just remember that the wilderness might not have great cell phone reception, so don’t rely on it to get you out of danger if you don’t have a physical map with you. Deelat also offers GPS watches that can pinpoint your location in the event of getting lost. The watches are waterproof and are powered using a rechargeable battery.


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Check The Weather

You can rarely be 100% confident that the weather won’t change dramatically, particularly if your hike is taking you to a higher elevation into the clouds, but you can at least make sure beforehand that your hike isn’t going to be taking place in 100mph winds and torrential rain for the entire day. If that’s what the forecast says, make sure that you’re prepared and know how much time you plan to spend on your route.


Be Ready For An Emergency

Hiking done right shouldn’t be a dangerous activity, but things can go wrong for anyone at any time. So it’s not a sign of weakness or lack of confidence to take a first aid kit with you, it’s a necessity and you’d be irresponsible not to.

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If anything does happen, you might need more than just a first aid kit to be rescued, but that kit could be the difference between an accident and a tragedy. At the very least it will help you clean up any scratches and scrapes that occur after scrambling or sliding over rocks.

Another useful thing to have with you is some high visibility clothing that you can wear if you happen to get stranded somewhere, to help rescuers find you when it starts going dark.


Take Food!

There won’t be an Arby’s halfway up the mountain or out in the desert, so if you are going on an all-day hike, you’ll need some food to eat, both at lunch time and throughout the day to help replenish any lost energy. Film-wrapped sandwiches are always a good choice. You can also fill tupperware storage boxes and insulated transport bags with whatever you need, in order to keep you going.

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