Tips for Hosting an Outdoor BBQ

Summer is on its way again and, as sure as seasons come and go, you will definitely want to throw a backyard BBQ!  Maybe several, in fact.  Who wouldn’t want to cook some great food, grab a beer, put on some tunes and relax with their friends, family and neighbors?

But throwing a truly great backyard BBQ is an art.  In that spirit, here are some tips to make your outdoor gathering a hot one:


Clean Up First

Yes, your neighbors have noticed that your landscaping could use some help.  So before you even thaw out the hamburger patties you should tidy up the area where your guests will be spending most of their time:  the backyard.  You’ll need the right garden tools of course, and it will definitely be worth it.  For example, we have SS Professional Pruning Shears (D1160567) and long-reach garden scissors (D1155206) for pruning, cutting and trimming those hard to reach plants.


spring 2SKU #D1160567

Don’t Forget the Lights

The party shouldn’t end just because the sun goes down.  Make sure to get solar powered landscape lights, which are a wonderful addition to a landscaped yard.  Installing them is easy due to the fact that they are wireless.

solar lighting 6 SKU #D1151541

Get the Drinks Right

You’ve outgrown the cooler with the cans on ice, and you should leave the keg for the college kids.  Up your drink game with a great ice bucket for beer and wine.  If your guests want mixed drinks, you’ll need a blender that can handle a number of daiquiris and margaritas — we recommend the D1154368 electric blender.  Another good thing to have is an assortment of double wall stainless steel thermoses and pump pots so that you can set up water, coffee and juices for your guests.


bbq2SKU #D1154368

Grilling:  The Reason We’re All Here

Your guests love your yard and are happy with your drink selection, but if the food isn’t right they won’t come back for seconds.  Be sure to grill your burgers, steak, chicken and hot dogs to the correct temperature, using an infrared thermometer if necessary.

If you need to cook skewered foods such as meats and vegetables in large numbers, we have the D1774580 BBQ Grill with rotary skewers.  The grill’s skewers are rotated by a motor at two revolutions per minute, ensuring even cooking.

bbq3 has a wide selection of outdoor and food service accessories to help you prepare for your next backyard BBQ!  We’ve got you covered with great prices. Shop with us today and save!