Tips for cleaning and organizing a garage or tool shed

Having a garage or tool shed is essential for anyone who needs that extra space to store tools, outdoor toys, bicycles, go karts, lawnmowers, automobile maintenance accessories and much more! However, as one will quickly become aware, it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to storing things in a place that’s separate from a living space, and these areas can quickly get out of control.


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Suddenly, instead of having a handy place to store important items, your garage or tool shed has become a disaster zone and you can no longer find anything that you stored away in the first place. It’s time to take control, but where do you start? Here are some tips for cleaning and organizing a garage or tool shed:


Start From Scratch – The first thing you need to do is get ruthless. The only way to properly clean and organize your shed or garage is to empty it out first. For starters, you’ll actually find all those things you haven’t seen for 15 years be able to take stock of everything. Secondly, you’ll finally be able to get everything clean! Throw away, recycle or donate the things you don’t need anymore and you’ll be well on your way to a storage space that actually makes sense.


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Get Scrubbing – Once your garage or shed is empty, you need to do a full deep clean to get rid of all of the dust, dirt and cobwebs. Make sure you have the right equipment, which needs to be more janitorial and industrial than your everyday cleaning materials due to the types of surfaces you’ll be cleaning. The main tip for how to clean is to start from the top and work down, ensuring you aren’t knocking cobwebs down onto cleaner surfaces.


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Give It New Life – Once everything is clean, you have the chance to add some decoration, whether it’s painting the floor or the walls to make everything look and feel fresh and new. It’s also a good chance to add new lighting options inside to brighten things up and make it easier to find things.


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Correct Your Storage Options – You’ve got everything ready to go back into the garage or shed. It’s all clean, painted and lit up like new! What you need here is critical and that’s the proper storage and shelving options to make your life easier. Whether it’s industrial shelving, cabinets or bins and containers, there are many different options out there to suit your specific needs and making the right decisions now will help determine how successful the entire project will be in the years to come.

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