Tips for Building a New Backyard Deck or Patio

There is a deck or patio to fit your home, lifestyle and budget whether you’re planning a modest retreat or an elaborate space built for outdoor entertaining.  The following are a few tips to think about before planning to build a deck or patio.

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Invest in good screws.  Stainless steel or coated screws made for pressure treated wood will resist corrosion.

Your primary material options are wood, vinyl or composite.  Wood is the most attractive aesthetically, but it must be treated periodically or it will rot.  Vinyl decking will last forever without maintenance, but it looks like plastic.  Composite decking offers the look of real wood with the longevity of a completely synthetic material.  Vinyl and composite decking costs more than wood.

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You don’t have to go with the commonplace railing and spindles that accompany most decks.  Deck railings can be made from vinyl, composites, glass, metal and cabling.

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According to your building codes and depending on the height of your deck, you may not need a railing at all.

Incorporate advanced features into your deck, like lighting, planters, a fan and/or a built-in bench and even a sound system.  Deelat sells a wide range of solar lighting products for deck structures, including post cap, wall and pedestal-mounted accent, and step lights.

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Construct a base for the patio from sand and gravel, or concrete.  Generally speaking, the base should be from 6 to 8 inches deep.

A patio should have edging to keep weeds and overgrown grass at bay.  Edging can be made of bricks, gravel, cement blocks or stones.  Furthermore, a patio can be edged with flower beds.

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Lights should be used to make the patio an inviting place.  Solar landscape lights can be used to demarcate the path to the patio as well as its perimeter.

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In addition to solar powered lights, Deelat offers BBQ grills and picnic tables that can be used on either decks or patios.  If you need to cook skewered foods such as meats and vegetables in large numbers, the BBQ Grill with rotary skewers (D1774580) is designed to ensure even cooking.  Deelat’s synthetic wood picnic table may be the perfect match to your deck’s stain color.

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