Tips for Basement Development or Renovation

When it comes to finding ways to boost the resale value of your house or simply making it a nicer place to live, renovating or developing your basement is one of the most popular projects to undertake. After all, why not transform a dusty, under-used portion of your home for something more than storing old junk?

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It can be a particularly tempting idea for parents of older children who are currently unable to afford moving out, as the basement can offer an option for more independent living and privacy for both generations.


However, it’s a costly and complicated procedure and not one you can initiate without knowing what you’re doing while using the proper tools. Below are some of our top tips for basement development or renovation:

Think about usage

This has to be the first step. You need to know exactly what you will be using the new space for, as this will influence much of what you do next, otherwise you’ll have spent time and money to create a space that doesn’t fit the purpose intended and won’t get used any more then your currently basement situation.

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Plan for the functionality

If you are intending to use the basement for family members as living space, you’ll need to factor in the plumbing side of things at an early stage to make sure you get everything necessary in place before it’s too late to do properly.

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Know what you’re dealing with down there

Another important early step is to do proper measurements and checks to make sure you have the correct dimensions and that you are aware of any potential problems with temperature or leaking pipes etc. Infrared thermometers can be useful tools at this stage to help you identify any problem areas that aren’t obvious to the naked eye.

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Get the flooring done right

One of the main issues you can have with a basement conversion is that it can seem cooler than the rest of your house, so you need to make sure you have the right flooring or carpeting to help it feel more welcoming rather than chilly.

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Get the tools for the job

If you’re going to be doing the bulk of the work yourself, you need to make sure you have the right tools, whether for dealing with concrete through the use of demolition hammers or using saws and blades for woodworking or screwdrivers for assembling some of the furniture, light fixtures, and door knobs. You will most likely end up using almost every kind of tool imaginable, so don’t find yourself getting stuck from not being fully prepared.

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