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For most of us, Fall is about the beauty of the colorful leaves, the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte, and the fun of Halloween.  It is also a good time to prepare your home for rough conditions, as the first winter storm has a habit of sneaking up on you (unless you happen to live in one of those always-sunny states).


Below are some handy tips to help you prepare your home for cooler weather:


Look into some new storage options to make sure you have somewhere to keep your outdoor items that are safe and secure.  This includes everything in your garage, shed, etc.  A color coded system of storage bins works well for sorting small things, while heavy duty wire shelving or open steel shelving will work for heavier objects.  You also need to ensure that your outdoor furniture is protected from the elements with tarps to avoid cold moisture which can freeze and cause damage.

housecool3SKU #D1163247

housecool4SKU #D1101219


Everything you can do to help your lawn and garden survive the cold will pay dividends in the spring.  That means keeping up with regular mowing and watering of grass, and clearing fallen leaves.  Furthermore, the perennials in your garden should be trimmed with pruning shears.  Also, keep your patio areas from getting grimy and slippery by pressure washing them.



As Fall moves towards winter, icy mornings will become more common and you need to ensure that the weather doesn’t affect your ability to go about your daily business.  Driveway heating cables will help you do that by eliminating unwanted ice.  Moreover, de-icing cables can be used to eliminate ice on roofs to avoid ice dams and snow buildup.


housecool5SKU# D1142924


As the nights will become darker earlier in the coming months, you may need to think about adding more illumination to your yard or outdoor pathway to give you better access after the sun goes down, and also boost your overall security. During the Fall and Winter season, outdoor lighting becomes very important.

solar lighting 4    SKU #D1151538

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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garage and Driveway

Spring represents a time of rebirth and that means it’s time to organize and clean your home.  A big part of spring cleaning involves the garage, the shed, driveway and any other space that gets a lot of use in the warmer months.  Below are a few ideas and tips to help you clean and organize your garage and clean your driveway.




1.) Recruit a friend and the job will seem easier. You could clean and organize your place this weekend and do theirs the following weekend.


2.) Be prepared to get rid of unwanted or unused items. Assess how much you have in your garage that you use on a regular basis. Anything covered in dust from last year can probably be packed away.  Also, consider having a yard sale if you have unwanted power or hand tools, as there is always demand for those items.



3.) As you size up what you store in your garage, determine the best way to organize your items. Do you only need to separate small things, like craft materials, jewelry, screws, nuts, bolts, nails and screwdrivers?  A color coded system of storage bins (D1163244) is what’s best.  If you have power tools cluttering your work bench and garage floor, it’s a good idea to install shelving.  Either heavy duty wire shelving (D1101222) or open steel shelving (D1170895) will work depending on how much you have and how heavy it is.

garageclean3      SKU# D1163244

4.) Don’t clean and organize your garage only to have it return to its messy conditions. Ever hear the expression “plan twice, build once?”  Think of organizing your garage like this:  “organize once, reorganize never again.



5.) A pressure washer (D1774621) is not only a good idea for cleaning your siding and patio, but also a method to remove paint and other stains that have accumulated over time on your driveway. Various attachments and cleaners are on the market to help you do a thorough job.  Once you finish, inspect your driveway for cracks.  Is it time to have it resealed?

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Essential Items and Materials for a Company Warehouse

When setting up a new company warehouse or refurbishing an existing one, you have an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your business by carefully planning what items and materials you may require in the warehouse and how they will work together to achieve your goals.


If your warehouse isn’t set up correctly with the proper items and materials, your whole operation will struggle to satisfy customer demand and you could end up spending more time and money than what is necessary in order to achieve basic functions.

warehouse 4


Below are some of the essential items and materials that most warehouses require to run a business efficiently and effectively.


Shelving – A warehouse without shelves is just a big room full of things that nobody can find, so having the proper shelving for your products is key to how successful your warehouse operations will be. Industrial steel shelving will offer you reliability and heavy duty durability, both of which are exactly what you’ll be looking for. If you need more flexible and portable shelving options, consider investing in some wire shelving as well.

warehouse 2SKU #D1170900

Even more storage options – It’s not all about the shelves of course. Depending on what your warehouse needs to store, you may need something more suited for smaller items, which is where stacking bins and foldable storage containers could fit the bill. If you are going to use pallets, pallet rack netting will help you keep them secure.


Wheels – When you’ve got your storage sorted, you will still need to transport items around the warehouse, and this will need to be appropriate for various sized products. Pallet truck jacks will move around large and heavy items on pallets with surprisingly good maneuvrability, while folding dollies will do the job for smaller items.


warehouse 1SKU# D1140706

Shipping materials – Most warehouses will have to ship out various items to customers or retailers, so yours will need to have the right equipment to do this efficiently. Floor scales offer the ability to weigh bulky items with a minimum of disruption to warehouse activities while bench scales or crane hanging scales can be used for smaller items. Fragile stickers and labels can also be used for packaging products.

warehouse 3SKU #D1047070


Safety equipment – No responsible warehouse owner can take risks with his staff’s safety, so you will need to take the necessary precautions. Whether it’s having the right alarms installed, first aid kits and stations, protective clothing or footwear, you need to make sure that you have taken into account the specific hazards present in your warehouse and supplied all the correct items and materials to make it as safe as possible.


Deelat Industrial offers a wide selection of essential warehouse items and materials that will help your business run more efficiently! We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!   


Tips for cleaning and organizing a garage or tool shed

Having a garage or tool shed is essential for anyone who needs that extra space to store tools, outdoor toys, bicycles, go karts, lawnmowers, automobile maintenance accessories and much more! However, as one will quickly become aware, it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to storing things in a place that’s separate from a living space, and these areas can quickly get out of control.


garage 2


Suddenly, instead of having a handy place to store important items, your garage or tool shed has become a disaster zone and you can no longer find anything that you stored away in the first place. It’s time to take control, but where do you start? Here are some tips for cleaning and organizing a garage or tool shed:


Start From Scratch – The first thing you need to do is get ruthless. The only way to properly clean and organize your shed or garage is to empty it out first. For starters, you’ll actually find all those things you haven’t seen for 15 years be able to take stock of everything. Secondly, you’ll finally be able to get everything clean! Throw away, recycle or donate the things you don’t need anymore and you’ll be well on your way to a storage space that actually makes sense.


Pressure Washer


Get Scrubbing – Once your garage or shed is empty, you need to do a full deep clean to get rid of all of the dust, dirt and cobwebs. Make sure you have the right equipment, which needs to be more janitorial and industrial than your everyday cleaning materials due to the types of surfaces you’ll be cleaning. The main tip for how to clean is to start from the top and work down, ensuring you aren’t knocking cobwebs down onto cleaner surfaces.


garage 3


Give It New Life – Once everything is clean, you have the chance to add some decoration, whether it’s painting the floor or the walls to make everything look and feel fresh and new. It’s also a good chance to add new lighting options inside to brighten things up and make it easier to find things.


garage 1


Correct Your Storage Options – You’ve got everything ready to go back into the garage or shed. It’s all clean, painted and lit up like new! What you need here is critical and that’s the proper storage and shelving options to make your life easier. Whether it’s industrial shelving, cabinets or bins and containers, there are many different options out there to suit your specific needs and making the right decisions now will help determine how successful the entire project will be in the years to come.

garage 4       SKU #D1000083

garage 5      SKU #D1163244

Deelat Industrial offers a wide selection of outdoor maintenance and storage options that will help you organize your storage space in no time! We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!   



Storage Tips for Downsizing

Today, many are concerned about their carbon footprint as it pertains to the environment. For this reason, many are choosing to move into smaller homes or office spaces. In fact, tiny houses are all the rave in today’s real estate market.


Although this is a commendable act, storage can be a problem when downsizing.  However, there are many clever and innovate ways you can create added storage space. Consider the following when preparing to downsize to a smaller home or office.


  • Under Bed Storage – Elevate your bed so that you can store bins or baskets underneath. This is a great place for extra bedding such as blankets, pillows and sheets.
  • Bench Storage – Place a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed. Along with added seating, it will also provide you with additional storage for clothing or other items.
  • Vertical/Open Cabinets and Shelves – Why open? When you opt for open cabinets or shelves, you can make better use of bins or drawers. Both attractive and functional, along with helping to organize, they can also add color and enhance the style of your space. Build cabinets as high as possible in your kitchen and bath. Store rarely used items high and out of reach.
  • Added Kitchen Storage – Attach file folders to the sides of cabinets or on the kitchen wall to store large utensils, foil or wax paper for easy access.
  • Added Bathroom Storage – In lieu of a mirror, place a cabinet or shelf over the sink. You can also get added storage with an over the toilet shelving unit or medicine cabinet.
  • Safe boxes – organize and store personal documents and valuables using a durable electric lock safe.


Often, your home must also serve as an office space. This will require lots of creativity and innovative design ideas. Most importantly, your furniture pieces will need to be multi-functional. For example, your dining table can serve as a desk and a trunk as both a coffee table and storage unit.

Deelat Industrial is your source for storage supplies. Whether you require cabinets or shelving for your home, or containers and pallet racks for your business, Deelat has you covered. Shop with us today and save!