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For most of us, Fall is about the beauty of the colorful leaves, the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte, and the fun of Halloween.  It is also a good time to prepare your home for rough conditions, as the first winter storm has a habit of sneaking up on you (unless you happen to live in one of those always-sunny states).


Below are some handy tips to help you prepare your home for cooler weather:


Look into some new storage options to make sure you have somewhere to keep your outdoor items that are safe and secure.  This includes everything in your garage, shed, etc.  A color coded system of storage bins works well for sorting small things, while heavy duty wire shelving or open steel shelving will work for heavier objects.  You also need to ensure that your outdoor furniture is protected from the elements with tarps to avoid cold moisture which can freeze and cause damage.

housecool3SKU #D1163247

housecool4SKU #D1101219


Everything you can do to help your lawn and garden survive the cold will pay dividends in the spring.  That means keeping up with regular mowing and watering of grass, and clearing fallen leaves.  Furthermore, the perennials in your garden should be trimmed with pruning shears.  Also, keep your patio areas from getting grimy and slippery by pressure washing them.



As Fall moves towards winter, icy mornings will become more common and you need to ensure that the weather doesn’t affect your ability to go about your daily business.  Driveway heating cables will help you do that by eliminating unwanted ice.  Moreover, de-icing cables can be used to eliminate ice on roofs to avoid ice dams and snow buildup.


housecool5SKU# D1142924


As the nights will become darker earlier in the coming months, you may need to think about adding more illumination to your yard or outdoor pathway to give you better access after the sun goes down, and also boost your overall security. During the Fall and Winter season, outdoor lighting becomes very important.

solar lighting 4    SKU #D1151538

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Tips for Yard Clean Up and Maintenance

One of the downsides to the warm and sunny weather that summer brings is that the more time you spend in your back yard, the more you realize just how much of that time you need to start spending on cleaning and maintenance. At first the sunglasses and beer goggles might help shield your eyes from the problem areas, but eventually you’ll need to do something about it.

22912070 - overgrown grass

It’s a pain, and they’re not called chores for nothing, but it’ll be well worth it when you’re able to sit back and relax in a clean and well-maintained yard. You can feel satisfied knowing that you won’t need to do anymore yard work again for… at least a week or two.

Below are Deelat’s top tips for yard clean-up and maintenance:


Get the right tools for the job

It’s the same for all of us; you never realize that your gardening tools are rusty and basically useless until the point at which you try to actually use them for something. It’s a sign that you probably should be using them more often and also a sign that you need to buy something new and non-rusty. Whether it’s pruning shears that actually trim hedges and shrubs really well, or a new lawnmower, you need to make sure you’re not going to be wasting your time trying to do maintenance with substandard equipment.

yard 3

SKU #D1160567

Apply some pressure

Sometimes, the hardest parts of the yard to get looking good again are the parts that garden trimmers and lawnmowers won’t help you with. It’s the paved areas that can look grimy and neglected, and a simple blast with a hose pipe won’t do much to shift that grime. What you need is a good pressure washer that will bring some power to your cleaning efforts and leave your yard looking fresh and new again. They are surprisingly affordable and definitely worth owning rather than renting.


Pressure Washer

Don’t forget the pool

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool, the summer is when you’ll be using it the most often, which means you will want to make sure it’s clean and ready to spend time in, especially if you’re planning to have a pool party. This is a job you could pay someone else to do, but why not save some money and do it correctly by purchasing your own pool vacuum and cleaner? You can even get a robotic one which will do the majority of work in those hard to reach places.



Get the finishing touches right


If you’re going to all the effort of cleaning and maintaining your back yard, why not go the extra mile to improve its appearance? It doesn’t even have to cost that much to add the finishing touches to a neat and tidy yard. Adding some decor and functionality like outdoor solar lights will bring some illumination and sparkle to your yard space with a minimum cost and effort required, not to mention ensuring that all of your hard work doesn’t get missed after the sun goes down.


garden lightSKU #D1151541

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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home or Office Space

There are so many options for lighting your home or office on the market today. How do you know what type of lighting will work best for you? Follow this simple checklist to decide what type of light bulbs to purchase, in order to provide your space with the most suitable and comfortable lighting possible.


Home Spaces:

Having so many light bulb options can be confusing. When selecting a light bulb, should you choose an LED or CFL light bulb? And what light color should you use?

  • Choose an LED light bulb for workshops and home offices as the CFL often gives in to power surges.
  • Opt for a CFL when choosing light bulbs for lamps as the LED is strictly directional.
  • CFL bulbs contain some mercury which can be hazardous if broken. If this is a concern, you may want to go with the LED light bulb instead.
  • Now that you’ve decided between the LED and CFL, you’ll need to choose a light color. To make this decision, you’ll need to determine what you will be using the space for? For example, you’ll want softer (or lower temperature) lighting in a bedroom but will need a more natural white (or medium temperature) for an office or living space. Higher temperature or daylight bulbs should be reserved for sitting rooms or libraries where lots of reading is common.
  • LED light bulbs are more expensive than CFL bulbs but offer a longer lifespan thus making them a good investment.

office lighting

Office Spaces:

Traditional linear fluorescent lights are the most common option for office lighting. These have proved to be the most popular because they provide good lighting, are cost effective, offer a long life span and are also energy savers. So when, if ever, should you consider making a switch to LED lighting?

  • If you are concerned about safety and the environment, you’ll want to switch to LED lighting. First off, fluorescent lights contain a small trace of mercury. Consequently, these lights are not viewed as environmentally friendly and are difficult to safely dispose of. They also give off some ultraviolet light which can pose as a health hazard for some.
  • Opt for LED lights if you need shatterproof lighting.
  • If you have the need to adjust your lights, that is to dim or brighten them at times, this is not possible with fluorescent lights. However, controls are suitable for use with LED lighting.
  • There are other benefits to consider when deciding to make the switch from fluorescent to LED lighting in your office space. Along with offering a longer lifespan and better efficiency, flickering and buzzing is not a problem with LED lights – a common problem with compact fluorescent bulbs.

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Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting: Applications, Types and Need

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are lights that are used in industrial environments in which flammable gases are present. The biggest difference, though, between explosion-proof lights and standard electric lights is that explosion-proof lamps are designed to eliminate the risk of an electrical spark from the fixture to ignite a gas in the area.

Explosion Proof Lamp
Explosion Proof Flood Light

There are many different types available including LED explosion-proof work lamps and overhead fluorescent lamps, and they are widely used in hazardous working environments like in the mining and oil and gas industry. Each light is designed with a range of innovations that eliminate the risk of a fire or explosion. Specially-designed parts include:

  • Light heat management elements
  • Flame-tight seals
  • Flame-tight joint

Each of these elements ensures that A) gases cannot come in contact with the electric current and B) the lamp never reaches a specific heat that would create a dangerous environment.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light
Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light

When Are Explosion-Proof Lamps Needed?

In general, explosion-proof lighting is required in hazardous environments that have or could have gases present in the air.  Originally, these lights were fire-powered kerosene lamps that were used by miners in the late 1800s. Yet, as electricity became portable, flame-powered lamps were replaced with electric lamps.

These types of lights are used in many different instances:

  • Offshore oil rig lighting
  • Underground mining environments
  • Gas drilling sites
  • Hazardous manufacturing facilities

And when they are needed is often dictated by governmental regulatory groups. For example, in the U.S., the OHSA have mandates in place for when explosion-proof lights are needed. In the U.S., explosion-proof lights must be used in “any area that the atmosphere is determined to contain a concentration of flammable vapors that are at or above 10 percent of the lower explosive limit,“ according to the OHSA.

Typically, explosion-proof equipment must be tested as to the type of environment that it is suitable for use in. For example, the OHSA has several classes and types of devices that have been approved for use in environments with gas and vapors, dusts, and fibers. Be sure that the type of light is deemed safe for the type of flammable material that is present.

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LED Roadside Warning Lights: Useful for Traffic Safety at Night and Day

Road flares have traditionally been used for lighting roadways during emergencies. Yet, there’s a more economical, reusable option: LED warning lights. These flashing lights, which are equipped with highly visible multi-colored displays, provide precautionary lighting in a variety of situations, at night or during the day.


For example, LED road flares can be used for drivers of stalled vehicles, helping to warn and slow oncoming traffic. LED roadside warning lights are also used by emergency responders to clearly mark accidents, slow traffic for parades and events, or mark hazards in the road like fallen tree limbs. Proper lighting is critical to roadside safety, and LED lights offer several advantages over traditional flame road flares.

Usefulness of LED Road Flares

There are a number of reasons LED emergency lights are a must-have item in any vehicle. In addition to being weatherproof, these emergency lights do not emit flames and they are reusable. Additional advantages include:

  • Bright Multi-Colored Display: LED road flares are designed with dozens of bulbs that emit high-intensity light. That means they’re visible in both day and night. Plus, unlike road flares, LED lights stand vertically, increasing their visibility, and they use multiple colors. For example, our roadside emergency light contains a red caution triangle with orange and white accents, which quickly informs drivers to slow down.

    LED Roadside Warning Light
    LED Roadside Warning Light
  • Blinking LED Display: In addition to being vertically oriented, LED road lights are also programmed to flash, which increases nighttime visibility. The blinking lights at night help to illuminate and clearly mark accidents and slow traffic.
  • Day/Night Visibility: LEDs are bright, intense lights, and they are noticeable during day and night. In addition, the vertical stand increases noticeability at any time of the day.
  • Ease-of-Use: LED road light are extremely easy to use, and they don’t require safe handling to operate, unlike road flares. For example, if a road flare is run over by a vehicle, it can become airborne, causing potential injury. LED emergency lights, on the other hand, are battery powered, and require a quick flip of the switch.
  • Weatherproof: Our LED emergency lights are weatherproof, which makes them useful in any condition, from strong rain to heavy snow. is your source for LED work lights. We offer a range of options, including our roadside emergency light, as well as other high-performance, quality LED products. Start shopping today.