Microstep Motors: How They Work

Stepper motors – which are often called step motors – are small electric engines that are widely used in a variety of industrial and electrical applications. For example, stepper motors are often used in computer CD drives to move the laser reader. These motors have an attached spindle, which revolves when the motor is sent an electrical pulse. Within the motorhead there are small “steps,” between 200 to more than 50,000, which are small groves that direct the spindle. In effect, the spindle revolves “step-by-step” and can be stopped precisely at one of these steps.

Micro Stepper Motor
Micro Stepper Motor

One of the newest and most commonly used is a microstepper motor. Microstep motors are similar to step motors in the way that they are powered, i.e. the motor is sent an electrical pulse which powers the spindle. Yet, the biggest difference is that microstep motors are more precise. These motors, for example, further divide up the traditional motors’ 1.8-degree steps into 256 microsteps. This results in 51,200 steps per revolution, compared to just 200 with a full-step motor. This allows for much more accurate positioning and decreases the likelihood of motor resonance, which is a very common issue.

Common Uses and Advantages of Microstepping Motors

Microstep motors, due the preciseness of the spindle’s revolutions, are commonly used in industrial or electrical applications that require exact position. Further, because they have many more steps, compared to full-step motors, the movement of the spindle is more fluid, resulting in a decrease in resonance. Due to their exactness and fluidity of motion, micro step motors are commonly used in:

  • Printing and plotting machines
  • Robotics
  • Machining tools
  • Pick and place machines
  • Automated cutting devices
  • Automated packaging devices

    Micro Stepper Motor - miniature
    Micro Stepper Motor – miniature

Step motors, in general, have a number of advantages over different kinds of electrical motors. For example, due to the frequency of the impulse that is sent to the motor, step motors can produce a wide variety of rotational speeds. They can also provide: Low-speed motion, long-lasting performance, greater control over stopping, starting and reversal, powerful torque at low speeds, and extremely precise positioning.

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