Hiking Safety Tips and Essential Items to Take on Your Trip

When the weather is nice, a hike into the countryside is a perfect way to find peace, relaxation and a taste of the natural world.  It’s also excellent exercise, and burns lots of calories while filling your lungs with fresh air.


When preparing for a hike, it can be tempting to pack lots of supplies.  Remember though, that you’ll have to carry everything on your back, which can weigh you down and tire you out quickly.  Also, you’ll be walking on uneven surfaces, which can make it more of a physical challenge.  Thus, it is important to pack the essentials before choosing to bring any optional equipment.

Essential Items

Water:  Get the largest water bottle you can find.  Lugging it up a mountain is hard, but struggling through a hike while dehydrated is dangerous.

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First Aid:  Hiking done right shouldn’t be a dangerous activity, but things can go wrong for anyone at any time.  Have a first aid kit on hand, and add anything to it that you require (e.g. epinephrine, medications, etc.)

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GPS:  Deelat offers GPS watches that can pinpoint your location. The watches are waterproof and are powered using a rechargeable battery.  Having a physical map is also a good idea.

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Food:  If you are going on an all-day hike, you’ll need to eat to help replenish your energy.  Film-wrapped sandwiches, granola bars, veggies and fruit are a good choice. You can also fill storage containers and insulated transport bags with food as well.

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Optional Equipment

-Pocket knife



-Insect spray/repellant


-Waterproof backpack

-Waterproof boots or shoes

-Waterproof socks

-A lightweight jacket

-Waterproof poncho

-Head coverings, hat, and/or sunglasses (for protection from the sun)

-Canvas Water Resistant Tarp with stakes and rope/bungee cords (for shelter)


Other Tips:

Leave your itinerary with a friend or family member and check in with them upon your return.

Develop an emergency plan before you start your trip and make sure everyone in your party knows what to do if there is a medical emergency.

An all-day hike is not suitable for the first time hiker or someone who is not in the greatest of shape.

To minimize your chance of injury or problems such as leg cramps, drink water and stretch before beginning your hike.

Once your hike is complete, be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate and stretch as soon as possible to speed up your recovery.


Deelat Industrial has plenty of essential items to help you prepare for your next summer hiking trip. We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices.  Shop with us today and save!