Essential Tools for Home Renovations



Doing renovation work around the home is both cost-effective and rewarding. It saves you money from hiring other people to do it for you, and it puts the power (tools) in your hands, giving you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do, the way you want to do it. Of course, you can only achieve what you’re aiming to achieve if you have the right tools for the job, but what exactly can be considered the “right tools”?


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Here are some essential tools you’ll need for any home renovation project you’ve got planned:


Tool Box – First things first, you need somewhere to store your essential tools, whether that’s a tool cabinet or a traditional metal tool box. Which one suits you best depends on your needs and expectations (and the size of your tool collection). A combination of the two might be the best way forwards. There are many shapes and sizes available, so think ahead about what you might need. If you want convenience, you can even get a tool set that comes with all the basics.

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Hammers – Hammers are essential for almost any kind of home renovation, from the simple act of hanging a picture frame to knocking and tearing down drywall. Finding the right hammer for what you need is the next challenge, whether it’s a brass hammer or a dead blow hammer, or – ideally – both, to give you a range of options. If you had a hammer, you’d hammer in the morning, you’d hammer in the evening…

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Screwdrivers - Along with hammers, screwdrivers are the other tool that every household needs, even if the inhabitants don’t intend to do any further renovation than assembling flatpack furniture. Even more so than hammers, you need a wide range of them to cover the various jobs you’ll need them for, so buying a set could be your safest bet for versatility.

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Pliers - A versatile tool that you’ll need at some point in almost any renovation work at home, pliers and vise grips are an essential part of a toolkit. Their main use is to grip (of course) allowing you to loosen or tighten bolts, hold something steady or for pulling out pins or nails, bending or straightening something or even cutting or stripping wires. Not all pliers can do all of these but there should be at least one out there that will do what you need. has a wide selection of hammers, screwdrivers, ceiling tile, carpeting and other renovation materials to choose from.  We’ve got you covered with great prices. Shop with us today and save!