Choose Your Solar Powered Light Based on LED Color (Kelvin) Temperature

Written by Correy Pelletier

There is more to selecting the bulb size or fixture for LED lights, there is also choosing the color temperature which is measured in Kelvin. These LED lights can brighten up certain rooms in many ways and create an atmosphere.


LED light color temperatures span from 2300K to 6000K and the lower temperatures produce warmer light, while the higher temperatures have the brightest and coldest light.


There are many levels of LED color temperatures you can choose from.

Color temperature scale in Kelvin
Color temperature scale in Kelvin – Photo Credit: Suriya KK

The 2300K or amber glow color is the warmest temperature with an amber hue. This color temperature is great for rooms with dark-toned furniture, such as in-home bars or dens.


The 2700K or warm white has an orange-yellow color that sets a cozy ambiance. The color goes with brown and green decor and wooden furniture or walling.


The 3000K or the soft white glow is for any home or business, it is a pleasing and inviting color that brightens up any dining area, like a dining room, cafe, restaurant, lounge, or bar.


The 4000K or daylight glow color, a white similar to the white light from outside or the natural daylight. It works best with light colors and a minimalist style, which is great for offices, lobbies, schools, and garages.


The 5000K or crystal white glow is a crisp blue-white. Great for outdoor security lighting or ceiling or hanging lighting in workshops, factories, and hospitals.


The 6000K or super bright white color is an ultra-bright blue color that has a futuristic glow. For areas that need superior brightness, like streetlights and warehouses.


Deelat Industrial sells solar LED lights sold measured in Kelvin (K) or in color temperature. Specifically, the solar streetlight SKU number D1776023 with a motion sensor and has 8000 Lumens. This solar streetlight one is 6000K or 6000 Kelvin and one of the brighter lights. Great for lighting up a street for people walking around at night.


Another example is the solar garden light SKU number D1151541, the short cup design with 100 Lumens. This light has 3000K, it has a soft white glow, is great for lighting up a garden or walkway. The inviting light lets people feel welcome and at home.


When looking for an LED light, think of the brightness or areas you want to lighten up.