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ESGs in Businesses and Solar Lighting

Written By Correy Pelletier

In today’s ever-changing financial environment, there are many criteria investors look at in considering their next move, environmental, social, and corporate governance. The environmental part is how the company affects the environment through energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and treatment of animals. ESG can also be used for a company when it might face any environmental risks, then what the company will do to manage those risks.

DEELAT D1775555 Solar Street Light – 6000 Lumens


Businesses affect the environment with pollution and deforestation and investors look at how their investments are affecting the environment. Companies or investors should be looking at how the business affects the environment. New environmentally conscious rules and policies are being put in place by the government and companies. The laws are changing to catch up with new environmental policies and many companies are choosing to adhere to more rigid standards in order to keep up.

Companies’ carbon footprints and emissions are driving them to aim for net-zero carbon and set themselves apart from their competition. Nuveen, a leading global investment manager, plans to be net-zero carbon by 2040. They are focusing on clean energy and the energy-efficient market. The company and its borrowers get a net reduction in operating costs through the utility savings and there are environmental benefits too, with lower carbon emissions.

There are now companies whose sole purpose is to help companies improve their ESG compliance, such as Navex Global. They look at multiple factors, such as sustainability and sourcing, as well as financial factors which come into play. These programs are a great approach, but you can start smaller when considering the environmental side of the ESG guidelines by using energy-efficient lighting or renewable resources. Another change companies can make is the switch to solar lighting.

DEELAT D1151527 Solar Street Light – Maysville, Kentucky: Walking Path Project


When considering the most cost-effective changes you can make, while keeping an eye on the initial costs of implementing those changes, solar technology is a great thing to begin the journey towards clean energy. Lighting is a necessity and solar lamps are an easy switch to make without making any substantial changes by merely replacing traditional lighting equipment with the solar alternative. Another simple addition that can be made to any business, regardless of the field is the use of solar panels. After a simple setup, these panels can absorb and store power, which then can be used to run a multitude of necessary equipment. Your company will greatly impact the environment. Many businesses mistakenly believe that the transition to solar energy has to be a drastic event, one that will be prohibitive, both in cost and time, but this does not have to be the case. Small changes, made progressively, can make a big impact.

One of the companies using solar panels is Amazon, an e-commerce corporation, has 32 rooftop solar systems in the United States, which span over the warehouse roofs. And in 2019, their installations offset the carbon emissions of more than 200 million miles of truck deliveries.

Another company investing in solar panels is Starbucks. As of April 2017, Starbucks invested in a 149,000-panel solar installation in Robeson County, North Carolina.

Deelat is also working to put solar street lights in cities and towns across the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. There are some costly setbacks for municipal governments, such as installation labor costs and purchasing solar lighting equipment. These costs and regulations can be helped and worked by cleantech companies developing projects in those cities. These projects can be pushed by civilian action and representatives focusing on the issues of solar power and clean energy. Deelat has a multitude of solar street lights, solar landscape lighting, and solar products on our website.

Choose Your Solar Powered Light Based on LED Color (Kelvin) Temperature

Written by Correy Pelletier

There is more to selecting the bulb size or fixture for LED lights, there is also choosing the color temperature which is measured in Kelvin. These LED lights can brighten up certain rooms in many ways and create an atmosphere.


LED light color temperatures span from 2300K to 6000K and the lower temperatures produce warmer light, while the higher temperatures have the brightest and coldest light.


There are many levels of LED color temperatures you can choose from.

Color temperature scale in Kelvin
Color temperature scale in Kelvin – Photo Credit: Suriya KK

The 2300K or amber glow color is the warmest temperature with an amber hue. This color temperature is great for rooms with dark-toned furniture, such as in-home bars or dens.


The 2700K or warm white has an orange-yellow color that sets a cozy ambiance. The color goes with brown and green decor and wooden furniture or walling.


The 3000K or the soft white glow is for any home or business, it is a pleasing and inviting color that brightens up any dining area, like a dining room, cafe, restaurant, lounge, or bar.


The 4000K or daylight glow color, a white similar to the white light from outside or the natural daylight. It works best with light colors and a minimalist style, which is great for offices, lobbies, schools, and garages.


The 5000K or crystal white glow is a crisp blue-white. Great for outdoor security lighting or ceiling or hanging lighting in workshops, factories, and hospitals.


The 6000K or super bright white color is an ultra-bright blue color that has a futuristic glow. For areas that need superior brightness, like streetlights and warehouses.


Deelat Industrial sells solar LED lights sold measured in Kelvin (K) or in color temperature. Specifically, the solar streetlight SKU number D1776023 with a motion sensor and has 8000 Lumens. This solar streetlight one is 6000K or 6000 Kelvin and one of the brighter lights. Great for lighting up a street for people walking around at night.


Another example is the solar garden light SKU number D1151541, the short cup design with 100 Lumens. This light has 3000K, it has a soft white glow, is great for lighting up a garden or walkway. The inviting light lets people feel welcome and at home.


When looking for an LED light, think of the brightness or areas you want to lighten up.

The Different Styles of Actuators Used With Motorized Ball Valves

There are four different styles of motorized ball valve actuators to select from depending on the application. The combination kit comes with a valve and an actuator and here is how they function.

*View All Motorized Ball Valves on DEELAT

There are few choices of styles of actuators contingent on your current wiring and application.

The on/off style, which is standard and the simplest style is a three-wire system. The blue wire is the negative power line and must always be connected. The brown wire is one of the positive leads and must always be connected to the power. The black wire is the second positive lead and must run through your switch. If the power is removed from the black wire it closes the valve and if the power is connected to it, it will open the valve.

If you lose power to the actuator:

  • It will stay in its current state.
    • If the valve is closed it will stay closed or the valve is open it will stay open.
  • There is no feedback wire to let you know the position of the valve.

*It has a limit switch, so when the valve is fully open or fully closed it will stop using energy meaning you won’t be wasting energy.

Example of the On/Off Style:  DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve SKU# D1151092

DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve with On/Off  Actuator
DEELAT On/Off Actuator Wiring Set-up

The three-point style is very similar to the on/off style as it is also inexpensive and a three-wire system. The blue wire is a negative power line that must always be connected. The brown and black wires are connected to a two-way switch, which then connects to the positive power line. You either can power the brown wire or the black wire but are never to be powered at the same time. The brown wire will open the valve and the black wire will close the valve.

If all power to the actuator is lost:

  • It will stay in its current state.
    • If the valve is closed it will stay closed or the valve is open it will stay open.
  • There is no feedback wire to let you know the position of the valve.

*It also has a limit switch, so when the valve is fully open or fully closed it will stop using energy meaning you won’t be wasting energy.

Example of the 3-Point Style:  DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve SKU# D1151099

DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve with 3-Point Wiring Actuator
DEELAT 3-Point Actuator Wiring Set-up

There are few other options of actuators that are more versatile.

The capacitor return style is more expensive and is a two-wire system. One wire is the positive lead, while the other is the common or negative power line. Adding or removing the positive lead will send instructions to the motor to open or close the valve. Before the motor or valve will work you must provide power to the actuator, which will charge it. Charge the actuator for at least five minutes. Once it is charged, the actuator will function under normal conditions, whereas adding or removing the lead will open or close the actuator. However, in a power loss situation (a full power loss like a blackout), the valve will auto close. You can set the default for it to open or close the valve on all DEELAT motorized ball valves, including the capacitor return model.

Example of the Capacitor Return Style:  DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve SKU# D1775554

The proportional style is the most expensive actuator, which can open at different degrees and is a five-wire system. This actuator has to be connected to a signal generator. The signal sent will determine the degree of open. It also has feedback to let you know what degree the valve is open and the position of the ball valve. A manual override can be purchased with this actuator. If all power is lost, with the manual override, you can quickly push a button and turn the dial to change the position, open or closed or you can dial to the position of your choosing.

*All models use limit switches to save energy. Once it has either fully opened or fully closed, the limit switch stops power from being used.

Example of the Proportional Style:  DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve SKU# D1775442

DEELAT Motorized Ball Valve with Proportional Actuator
DEELAT Proportional Style Actuator Wiring Set-Up

Hiking Safety Tips and Essential Items to Take on Your Trip

When the weather is nice, a hike into the countryside is a perfect way to find peace, relaxation and a taste of the natural world.  It’s also excellent exercise, and burns lots of calories while filling your lungs with fresh air.


When preparing for a hike, it can be tempting to pack lots of supplies.  Remember though, that you’ll have to carry everything on your back, which can weigh you down and tire you out quickly.  Also, you’ll be walking on uneven surfaces, which can make it more of a physical challenge.  Thus, it is important to pack the essentials before choosing to bring any optional equipment.

Essential Items

Water:  Get the largest water bottle you can find.  Lugging it up a mountain is hard, but struggling through a hike while dehydrated is dangerous.

hiking1   SKU# D1143278

First Aid:  Hiking done right shouldn’t be a dangerous activity, but things can go wrong for anyone at any time.  Have a first aid kit on hand, and add anything to it that you require (e.g. epinephrine, medications, etc.)

hiking2     SKU# D1150858

GPS:  Deelat offers GPS watches that can pinpoint your location. The watches are waterproof and are powered using a rechargeable battery.  Having a physical map is also a good idea.

hiking3         SKU #D1150853

Food:  If you are going on an all-day hike, you’ll need to eat to help replenish your energy.  Film-wrapped sandwiches, granola bars, veggies and fruit are a good choice. You can also fill storage containers and insulated transport bags with food as well.

hiking4SKU# D1166447

Optional Equipment

-Pocket knife



-Insect spray/repellant


-Waterproof backpack

-Waterproof boots or shoes

-Waterproof socks

-A lightweight jacket

-Waterproof poncho

-Head coverings, hat, and/or sunglasses (for protection from the sun)

-Canvas Water Resistant Tarp with stakes and rope/bungee cords (for shelter)


Other Tips:

Leave your itinerary with a friend or family member and check in with them upon your return.

Develop an emergency plan before you start your trip and make sure everyone in your party knows what to do if there is a medical emergency.

An all-day hike is not suitable for the first time hiker or someone who is not in the greatest of shape.

To minimize your chance of injury or problems such as leg cramps, drink water and stretch before beginning your hike.

Once your hike is complete, be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate and stretch as soon as possible to speed up your recovery.


Deelat Industrial has plenty of essential items to help you prepare for your next summer hiking trip. We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices.  Shop with us today and save!

Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Tips

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home.  It should have the look and feel you desire so that you can feel pampered and comfortable.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you need to take great care and consideration not only for the aesthetics but also the practical elements.  It is challenging to do a bathroom renovation yourself, but it is by no means impossible.

Below are some of our ideas and tips for bathroom renovation projects:

1.) Check into the standard measurements for bathroom fixtures and make sure you have enough space.  For example, you need a minimum of 30 inches of width to accommodate a toilet, a fact that you cannot work around no matter how handy you are.  Similarly, tubs, showers and sinks require adequate space.


2.) Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door.  Generally it’s advised that you shouldn’t be able to see the toilet when the door is open because it’s not the first thing your guests should see when they walk past your bathroom.


3.) You have many options regarding sinks in terms of design and style.  Double sinks are what you want if it is a shared bathroom.  If the bathroom has a small space, you can use a corner sink to avoid crowding an entry door or shower door when it swings open.  And if storage space is the problem, look into floating vanities.

bathroom 1 SKU #D1150425

4.) Treat yourself to a good shower unit.  If you need to reduce your stress at the end of the day, forget about a simple shower head and hand shower.  Instead, put in a shower panel with massage jets — the added expense is worth it.

5.) Go the extra mile if you can.  If you’re planning to install a shower panel with massage jets, why not upgrade to a computerized curved steam shower unit or a steam room or sauna?  Many of these units are slide-in-place models that are easy to install.

6.) Splurge on high-end materials.  Are you hesitant to put money into your bathroom?  Don’t be.  Because it is a small space, the cost to put in better flooring could be within your budget.  The investment is smart; your bathroom will look more luxurious to guests and future home buyers.


Deelat Industrial offers a wide selection of essential bathroom renovation items that will add style and efficiency! We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!