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Hiking Safety Tips and Essential Items to Take on Your Trip

When the weather is nice, a hike into the countryside is a perfect way to find peace, relaxation and a taste of the natural world.  It’s also excellent exercise, and burns lots of calories while filling your lungs with fresh air.


When preparing for a hike, it can be tempting to pack lots of supplies.  Remember though, that you’ll have to carry everything on your back, which can weigh you down and tire you out quickly.  Also, you’ll be walking on uneven surfaces, which can make it more of a physical challenge.  Thus, it is important to pack the essentials before choosing to bring any optional equipment.

Essential Items

Water:  Get the largest water bottle you can find.  Lugging it up a mountain is hard, but struggling through a hike while dehydrated is dangerous.

hiking1   SKU# D1143278

First Aid:  Hiking done right shouldn’t be a dangerous activity, but things can go wrong for anyone at any time.  Have a first aid kit on hand, and add anything to it that you require (e.g. epinephrine, medications, etc.)

hiking2     SKU# D1150858

GPS:  Deelat offers GPS watches that can pinpoint your location. The watches are waterproof and are powered using a rechargeable battery.  Having a physical map is also a good idea.

hiking3         SKU #D1150853

Food:  If you are going on an all-day hike, you’ll need to eat to help replenish your energy.  Film-wrapped sandwiches, granola bars, veggies and fruit are a good choice. You can also fill storage containers and insulated transport bags with food as well.

hiking4SKU# D1166447

Optional Equipment

-Pocket knife



-Insect spray/repellant


-Waterproof backpack

-Waterproof boots or shoes

-Waterproof socks

-A lightweight jacket

-Waterproof poncho

-Head coverings, hat, and/or sunglasses (for protection from the sun)

-Canvas Water Resistant Tarp with stakes and rope/bungee cords (for shelter)


Other Tips:

Leave your itinerary with a friend or family member and check in with them upon your return.

Develop an emergency plan before you start your trip and make sure everyone in your party knows what to do if there is a medical emergency.

An all-day hike is not suitable for the first time hiker or someone who is not in the greatest of shape.

To minimize your chance of injury or problems such as leg cramps, drink water and stretch before beginning your hike.

Once your hike is complete, be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate and stretch as soon as possible to speed up your recovery.


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Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Tips

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home.  It should have the look and feel you desire so that you can feel pampered and comfortable.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you need to take great care and consideration not only for the aesthetics but also the practical elements.  It is challenging to do a bathroom renovation yourself, but it is by no means impossible.

Below are some of our ideas and tips for bathroom renovation projects:

1.) Check into the standard measurements for bathroom fixtures and make sure you have enough space.  For example, you need a minimum of 30 inches of width to accommodate a toilet, a fact that you cannot work around no matter how handy you are.  Similarly, tubs, showers and sinks require adequate space.


2.) Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door.  Generally it’s advised that you shouldn’t be able to see the toilet when the door is open because it’s not the first thing your guests should see when they walk past your bathroom.


3.) You have many options regarding sinks in terms of design and style.  Double sinks are what you want if it is a shared bathroom.  If the bathroom has a small space, you can use a corner sink to avoid crowding an entry door or shower door when it swings open.  And if storage space is the problem, look into floating vanities.

bathroom 1 SKU #D1150425

4.) Treat yourself to a good shower unit.  If you need to reduce your stress at the end of the day, forget about a simple shower head and hand shower.  Instead, put in a shower panel with massage jets — the added expense is worth it.

5.) Go the extra mile if you can.  If you’re planning to install a shower panel with massage jets, why not upgrade to a computerized curved steam shower unit or a steam room or sauna?  Many of these units are slide-in-place models that are easy to install.

6.) Splurge on high-end materials.  Are you hesitant to put money into your bathroom?  Don’t be.  Because it is a small space, the cost to put in better flooring could be within your budget.  The investment is smart; your bathroom will look more luxurious to guests and future home buyers.


Deelat Industrial offers a wide selection of essential bathroom renovation items that will add style and efficiency! We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!  

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor BBQ

Summer is on its way again and, as sure as seasons come and go, you will definitely want to throw a backyard BBQ!  Maybe several, in fact.  Who wouldn’t want to cook some great food, grab a beer, put on some tunes and relax with their friends, family and neighbors?

But throwing a truly great backyard BBQ is an art.  In that spirit, here are some tips to make your outdoor gathering a hot one:


Clean Up First

Yes, your neighbors have noticed that your landscaping could use some help.  So before you even thaw out the hamburger patties you should tidy up the area where your guests will be spending most of their time:  the backyard.  You’ll need the right garden tools of course, and it will definitely be worth it.  For example, we have SS Professional Pruning Shears (D1160567) and long-reach garden scissors (D1155206) for pruning, cutting and trimming those hard to reach plants.


spring 2SKU #D1160567

Don’t Forget the Lights

The party shouldn’t end just because the sun goes down.  Make sure to get solar powered landscape lights, which are a wonderful addition to a landscaped yard.  Installing them is easy due to the fact that they are wireless.

solar lighting 6 SKU #D1151541

Get the Drinks Right

You’ve outgrown the cooler with the cans on ice, and you should leave the keg for the college kids.  Up your drink game with a great ice bucket for beer and wine.  If your guests want mixed drinks, you’ll need a blender that can handle a number of daiquiris and margaritas — we recommend the D1154368 electric blender.  Another good thing to have is an assortment of double wall stainless steel thermoses and pump pots so that you can set up water, coffee and juices for your guests.


bbq2SKU #D1154368

Grilling:  The Reason We’re All Here

Your guests love your yard and are happy with your drink selection, but if the food isn’t right they won’t come back for seconds.  Be sure to grill your burgers, steak, chicken and hot dogs to the correct temperature, using an infrared thermometer if necessary.

If you need to cook skewered foods such as meats and vegetables in large numbers, we have the D1774580 BBQ Grill with rotary skewers.  The grill’s skewers are rotated by a motor at two revolutions per minute, ensuring even cooking.

bbq3 has a wide selection of outdoor and food service accessories to help you prepare for your next backyard BBQ!  We’ve got you covered with great prices. Shop with us today and save!

Tips for Organizing your Home or Business in 2018

New resolutions for the year ahead can be a useful way of making meaningful changes in your life. But there is no point setting goals that you know you won’t be able to achieve. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to help you get organized in 2018, both at home and in the workplace.


Master Your Storage

While plenty of people have made attempts to ditch physical documents all together, in reality this isn’t practical in a domestic or a commercial setting. So if your filing cabinets are overflowing and your shelving is not up to the task, it’s time for a change!


Investing in more storage is an obvious solution, and one which will help you stay on top of your filing for the next 12 months. But it can also be useful to optimize your existing resources and make sure that you are not hanging on to older documents or products unnecessarily.

shelvSKU #D1096880

Now is a great time to begin spring cleaning early. Even if a little hard work is required, you’ll be happy in the long run. You might even get into the habit of assessing your storage needs more regularly, which will make things easier over time.


Streamline Security

Peace of mind is priceless, but a lack of protection can leave you fretting about your premises when you are elsewhere. Nothing can leave you feeling more helpless and disorganized than having to deal with the aftermath of a burglary.


The good news is that with modern security camera solutions, it has never been easier to monitor a home or business around the clock. High resolution censors, night vision recording and remote feed access are all par for the course these days.

image SKU #D1147893

It could even be the right time to snap up a new DVR which can capture footage from your existing security camera setup and make it easier to review and store in one place. Tying up loose ends before they trip you up is the best way to work.


Get Tooled Up

Putting off completing those little jobs that build up over the course of a year can leave you will a long list of things that need to be fixed. And the temptation to ignore them for another 12 months will be greater if you don’t have access to the right tools.

 sanderSKU # D1140952

Rather than procrastinating, get your act together and order the items you need to get to work today. Whether you are on the look out for a sander to stop that door from sticking, or a drill bit to finally put up that picture frame you bought that is gathering dust somewhere, quality tools will help you spring into action!


Whatever organizational milestones you want to pass this year, you can find plenty of competitively priced products at Deelat Industrial to give you a helping hand. From home improvement to business innovation, we stock everything you need to get started on your next big project. We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!

Tips to Help you Create Your Own Home Office

Advances in technology and business practices have made working from home much more common than ever before, with more people regularly working remotely instead of spending all their time inside an office.

There’s lots of advantages to working from home, including the savings in time and money created by skipping the daily commute. However, it does create the need to supply yourself with a pleasant and efficient work space, instead of relying on your employers to do if for you.

hom office 2

Your home office needs to be somewhere that you can work from comfortably and without distraction, otherwise your work will suffer and you will find your remote privileges being reassessed quite quickly.

Here’s some helpful tips for creating a home office!

Get the computer furniture right

If you’re working from home, the chances are that your main essential work device is a computer, so you need to ensure that your office is set up correctly. If you use a laptop, a stand might be required to get the screen matching you’re height to safely use for extended periods of time. If you’re still using a desktop, a simple thing like a CPU holder to store it under your desk will make a big difference.

Get comfortable

Being at home gives you more freedom to move around than at work, but the visions of sunning yourself in the garden are likely to stay as visions rather than the reality. You’re more likely to stay seated at your desk for the majority of the day. So you need to get a comfortable ergonomic chair and quite possibly a foot rest to make sure that you don’t end the day with aches and pains.

office 2SKU #D1000017

Don’t forget the little things

There’s more to your desk in your home office than just a computer, so don’t neglect stocking up on things like pens and markers and post-it notes. You will still need to use these just as often as if you were in a real office, but now you can’t just get them from the stationery cupboard.

office 1

Think about storage

This is another aspect that we take for granted when we go to work; having somewhere to store our papers and notepads, etc. It’s possibly even more important in a home office, where your work information could potentially mix in with all of your home paperwork like insurance documents, bank statements, etc. It’s best to invest in a separate filing cabinet and drawers to ensure that work documents aren’t mislaid.

office 4SKU #D1154628

Make it a nice place to be

Don’t forget this is your home. You may be getting paid to work, but it’s still your property and you have the right to decorate however you want (as long as it looks professional when you’re on Skype calls, etc), so make sure you’re enjoying the benefits of being in your own home by making it look the way you want it to look, even if it’s just a case of having some flowers on display.



Deelat Industrial offers a wide selection of essential items that will help you create an efficient home office. We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!