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If you’re looking to declutter a garage or organize a warehouse for your business, Deelat Industrial’s growing selection of storage supplies will help complete the job in no time! Choose from a wide selection of shelving, cabinets and stacking bins to easily store all of your belongings or inventory. We also offer durable pallet rack netting for warehouse safety and security.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garage and Driveway

Spring represents a time of rebirth and that means it’s time to organize and clean your home.  A big part of spring cleaning involves the garage, the shed, driveway and any other space that gets a lot of use in the warmer months.  Below are a few ideas and tips to help you clean and organize your garage and clean your driveway.




1.) Recruit a friend and the job will seem easier. You could clean and organize your place this weekend and do theirs the following weekend.


2.) Be prepared to get rid of unwanted or unused items. Assess how much you have in your garage that you use on a regular basis. Anything covered in dust from last year can probably be packed away.  Also, consider having a yard sale if you have unwanted power or hand tools, as there is always demand for those items.



3.) As you size up what you store in your garage, determine the best way to organize your items. Do you only need to separate small things, like craft materials, jewelry, screws, nuts, bolts, nails and screwdrivers?  A color coded system of storage bins (D1163244) is what’s best.  If you have power tools cluttering your work bench and garage floor, it’s a good idea to install shelving.  Either heavy duty wire shelving (D1101222) or open steel shelving (D1170895) will work depending on how much you have and how heavy it is.

garageclean3      SKU# D1163244

4.) Don’t clean and organize your garage only to have it return to its messy conditions. Ever hear the expression “plan twice, build once?”  Think of organizing your garage like this:  “organize once, reorganize never again.



5.) A pressure washer (D1774621) is not only a good idea for cleaning your siding and patio, but also a method to remove paint and other stains that have accumulated over time on your driveway. Various attachments and cleaners are on the market to help you do a thorough job.  Once you finish, inspect your driveway for cracks.  Is it time to have it resealed?

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Essential Items for Business Warehouses

Most warehouses are responsible for inventory management. This includes tasks like shipping orders, receiving new products and keeping track of stock. Although it can be a challenge to manage a warehouse, with the right equipment, it can be done more efficiently and effectively. To start, begin with these essential items:


  • First, you’ll need to make sure your warehouse is always clean and orderly to avoid accidents. To do this, be sure to keep an industrial broom, dustpan, mop, bucket and air blower handy for the immediate clean-up of spills. Always keep walkways clean and clear of boxes. As important, be sure to mark potential hazardous areas such as wet floors. Also, keep cords out of the way to avoid tripping.
  • Proper lighting also improves safety and makes for a more comfortable working environment. Use adequate lighting and make sure that bulbs are replaced regularly.

warehouse lighting

  • Store items away using an orderly system. You’ll need stacking bins and storage containers in various sizes as well as pallet racks to do this efficiently.

pallat rack

  • Update your computer system to include inventory management software such as QuickBooks or NetSuite. These programs will handle inventory tracking, invoicing and purchasing as well as administrative needs such as printing shipping labels.

hand truck

SKU # D1140712

  • Improper lifting can lead to injuries and worker’s compensation claims. Avoid these unwanted costs by properly training employees and providing them with adequate tools to protect against back strain. Some items to consider include lift belts, hand trucks,  and utility carts for the easy movement of boxes to and from warehouse shelves.


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Storage Tips for Downsizing

Today, many are concerned about their carbon footprint as it pertains to the environment. For this reason, many are choosing to move into smaller homes or office spaces. In fact, tiny houses are all the rave in today’s real estate market.


Although this is a commendable act, storage can be a problem when downsizing.  However, there are many clever and innovate ways you can create added storage space. Consider the following when preparing to downsize to a smaller home or office.


  • Under Bed Storage – Elevate your bed so that you can store bins or baskets underneath. This is a great place for extra bedding such as blankets, pillows and sheets.
  • Bench Storage – Place a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed. Along with added seating, it will also provide you with additional storage for clothing or other items.
  • Vertical/Open Cabinets and Shelves – Why open? When you opt for open cabinets or shelves, you can make better use of bins or drawers. Both attractive and functional, along with helping to organize, they can also add color and enhance the style of your space. Build cabinets as high as possible in your kitchen and bath. Store rarely used items high and out of reach.
  • Added Kitchen Storage – Attach file folders to the sides of cabinets or on the kitchen wall to store large utensils, foil or wax paper for easy access.
  • Added Bathroom Storage – In lieu of a mirror, place a cabinet or shelf over the sink. You can also get added storage with an over the toilet shelving unit or medicine cabinet.
  • Safe boxes – organize and store personal documents and valuables using a durable electric lock safe.


Often, your home must also serve as an office space. This will require lots of creativity and innovative design ideas. Most importantly, your furniture pieces will need to be multi-functional. For example, your dining table can serve as a desk and a trunk as both a coffee table and storage unit.

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Office Equipment and Supplies to Improve Efficiency

Along with technology and software applications, there are many products on the market that can help your business become more efficient and improve productivity. These products can help with tasks such as recordkeeping, marketing and printing.




For Better Recordkeeping


  • Touch Screen Cash Registers – Many of today’s cash registers offer bar code scanners for better inventory management and recordkeeping. The screen is easy to read, intuitive, and allows for faster and more efficient  transactions.



  • Thermal Printer – An easy and quick way to print receipts are through the use of thermal printers. Featuring a durable construction frame, the device will cope in busy environments and function to optimal performance under a heavy workload.

Marketing Materials


  • Projectors – Enhance your marketing presentations with the use of a projector. Connect it to your computer to display spreadsheets, images or graphs. Portable screens are also available for added convenience.
  • Pamphlet Displays – Share marketing materials with potential customers by displaying them in a stylish display holder. Available in an array of sizes and styles, they will easily hold brochures, pamphlets and other handouts.


  • Color Printer – With it you can print quality sales literature and other documents such as graphs, brochures and more.



  • Surveillance DVR – No need to pay security companies to watch over your office. With a surveillance DVR you can monitor your office and keep an eye on your property 24 hours a day. Deelat offers a variety of 4-32 channel recorders at low, affordable prices.


  • Shredder – Make it a practice to regularly shred documents to protect you against identity theft. Deelat offers a variety of shredders that include a small window that lets you check to avoid overfilling of the container. An automatic reverse function will also aid in alleviating the problem of paper jams.



  • Cash Boxes/Drawers – Use a cash box or safe for storing documents and valuable belongings in the home or office. Deelat safes feature a mechanical lock and cold steel plate construction.



  • Wall Files – Improve office organization by using wall organizers to hold files.


  • Label Maker – Organize office files by labeling them with your own labels.


  • Storage – Store away old files to make room for more recent ones. Old documents can be stored safely in file storage boxes that will also preserve your documents. Storage bins can also be used to store various small items and tools.


Deelat Industrial is your source for even more ideas on how to lighten your work load and help your business become more productive. Shop with us today and save!

10 Helpful Tips for Home Organization and Storage

The season of Spring represents a time of rebirth. Consequently, many of us get the urge to clean and organize our homes during this time of year. A big part of spring cleaning however is organizing your closets, garage and other storage areas. Below are a few ideas and tips to help you become successful in this endeavor.


1. Recruit a friend. You can get lots more done with the help of a friend. Clean and organize your home this weekend and do theirs the following weekend. There is nothing like teamwork!

2. Before starting the clean-up, be sure to have multiple supplies on hand. This includes hangers, garbage bags and storage containers.

3. Be prepared to get rid of unwanted or unused items. When cleaning out closets, be sure to put unwanted clothes in garbage bags as you go along.

4. Take items to Goodwill or charities immediately. As you clean, take bags to the car or truck, or move items to the garage in preparation for donation. This way you can keep track of your progress.

5. Store items that you rarely use on top shelves or in the attic.

6. Don’t waste space. Store clothing or bedding under the bed in storage bags.

7. Use stackable storage bins for organizing things like craft materials, jewelry, bolts or electronic items such as phone chargers.


8. Don’t forget to organize your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Throw out broken dishes or appliances that no longer work.  Toss out canned goods that have already expired.

9. Clean out your medicine cabinet. Get rid of prescription drugs that have expired.


10. Store away heavy blankets, winter coats, boots and other seasonal items in an attic or basement. Put all these things in one place for quick recovery once the winter season rolls around again.

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