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Safety is a top priority in any situation, whether it involves working in an extreme environment, or preventing an undesirable circumstance. Deelat Industrial has the items to help you feel safe and secure. We offer everything from vision, hearing and polluted air protection, to first aid kits and security cameras. High quality safety harnesses, lanyards, and helmets are also available.

Advantages of Using Police Body Cameras

Police officers and civilians both behave differently when they know they’re being recorded, and that’s one reason among many that video footage used in policing is beneficial.  With the rise of police misconduct in the news, the public might be under the false assumption that officers of the law do not want their actions recorded.  The truth is that officers who follow procedure during arrests — the ‘good cops’ — want video coverage.  Body cameras provide unbiased evidence of what transpires in policing.  They have the power to exonerate the good cops and to condemn the bad ones.


But how do these advantages play out in your role as a cop?  How does this technology function to improve policing?


Let’s start with how the footage is rendered.  Body cameras are equipped with sensors that have resolutions as low as 16 and as high as 34, and even at the low end this is adequate to capture an accurate depiction of the events.  Accuracy in evidence gathering is what’s most important.

In addition, an optimal resolution will allow you to make the most of the camera’s 140-degree wide angle lens.  If something is happening in the periphery of the camera or at a distance, that resolution will allow you to zoom in and inspect the footage in close detail.  This could present the evidence that breaks a case open.

Being able to capture snapshots while video is recording is a plus when an officer has the intention of photographing someone or something.  It’s handy to have this camera at your disposal.



Storage Capacity

One concern with body cameras could be the belief that they impede policing, but that fear is quickly allayed when you hold one: they are less than 6 oz and fit comfortably in the hand.  But would an officer have to break from his routine to repeatedly upload content from his camera or switch to a fresh camera during a shift?

With storage capacities of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes, this isn’t likely.  On the smaller side, the 16g unit records up to five hours of footage, and on larger side of the spectrum, the 64g records up to nine hours.


File Transfer

The data collected by the body camera is kept secure by data protection software.  Furthermore, the video files are password protected in-camera.  Once a shift is over, the data from the unit can be transferred via a USB cable to computer (body cameras are available in Windows or Mac formats).  This technology helps to maintain the integrity of the footage.


The police body camera docking station serves as a central hub for charging police body cameras and for data uploading.  The station, which can hold up to eight cameras, charges them to full capacity in four hours.

policecamera 3

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Tips to Prepare your Home for Fall Weather

Fall has arrived and that means the weather is getting cooler (unless you happen to live in one of those always-sunny states). The leaves will be falling and so will the rain as winter edges closer and closer. That means it’s time to prepare your home for some rough conditions.

fall 2

During the summer months, you may have taken the weather for granted, spending your afternoons and evening outdoors, enjoying your garden, but those days are gone until next year. There’s lots to enjoy about the new Fall season, but also the potential for issues to arise that can affect your property and your safety.

fall 1

Below are some handy tips to help you avoid this and prepare your home for the new Fall season.

Get your garden ready

You’ll be spending less time in your garden, but you can’t afford to ignore it over the Fall and Winter otherwise you’ll have a huge job on your hands when Spring finally comes around. Get your garden ready with the right tools whether for pruning flowers or pressure washing patio areas prior to storage to keep them from getting grimy and slippery.


Storage and protection

You also need to ensure that your outdoor furniture is protected from the elements with tarps to avoid cold moisture which can freeze and cause damage. You don’t want to find out that they’ve been ruined when the time comes to use them again. You may want to look into some new storage options to make sure you have somewhere to keep your outdoor items that are safe and secure.


Invest in lighting

As the nights will become darker earlier in the coming months, you may need to think about adding more illumination to your yard or outdoor pathway to give you better access after the sun goes down, and also boost your overall security. In Fall, outdoor lighting becomes very important.


Prepare for icy weather

As Fall moves towards winter, icy mornings will become more common and you need to ensure that the weather doesn’t affect your ability to go about your daily business. Deicing cables and driveway heating cables will help you do that by eliminating unwanted ice. They’re easy to install and are certainly worth looking into!

deicing cables

Keep your home safe

The colder weather and early sunsets will make it more likely that you will be lighting your home with candles and warming it with  a fireplace. This can create a lovely, cozy atmosphere, but it can also represent an increased risk to your home, so you need to make sure you are protected with top quality smoke detectors to warn you of any potential hazards.

smoke detectorSKU #D1150486

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Warehouse Safety Tips: Ways to Avoid Hazards

Make your warehouse a safe environment for employees to work in by following these simple tips.  Common problems like accidents, fires and other hazards can be avoided with a few easy practices.


  • Ensure you have fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment stored and readily accessible when needed.
  • Quickly clean up spills and debris to avoid slips and falls.
  • Use commercial or industrial floor mats to keep the floor dry in wet or oily environments.
  • Organization is extremely important to safety. Keep walkways full of clutter and other obstructions.
  • Further protect against falls by using guard rails where there are floor gaps.
  • Properly store away chemicals and flammable liquids to avoid fires and explosions.
  • Ensure employees know the process for proper lifting to protect against back strains and other injuries.  Use a steel hand truck for heavier objects.
  • Quickly fix leaks to protect against moisture and dampness problems.
  • Clearly mark exits with visible signs. Be sure to keep these exits clear with quick and easy access.
  • Improve and maintain good air quality in the warehouse with regular maintenance of the HVAC system.
  • Keep temperatures set appropriately to ensure the warehouse is not too cold or hot.
  • Be careful when storing materials. Stack them properly using containers and shelving so that they will not fall and cause an  accident.


Employee education is crucial in keeping your warehouse safe. Training should be held for new employees as well as regular refresher courses and updates for current employees. Some topics to cover include lockout/tagout procedures, machine operation and evacuation plans.

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Preparing for an All-Day Hike


We are in the heart of spring and approaching summer making this a great time to enjoy an all-day hike. When preparing for a hike, it can be tempting to pack lots of supplies. Remember though, that you’ll have to carry everything on your back, which can weigh you down and tire you out quickly. So what is essential take with you?

  • Water (at least 1 liter).
  • High energy snacks such as trail mix.
  • Survival kit (including a pocket knife, Firestarter, GPS watch and/or cellphone).
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect spray/repellant.
  • Guidebook (if you’re able to purchase one, study it a few days prior to your hike).

An all-day hike is not suitable for the first time hiker or someone who is not in the greatest of shape. Although the distance may vary during an all-day hike, most people will walk anywhere from 7 to 10 miles during the trip. So be sure you can handle that distance while carrying a light backpack. Remember, you’ll be walking on uneven surfaces as well, which can make it more of a physical challenge. To minimize your chance of injury or problems such as leg cramps, drink water and stretch before beginning your hike.



Finally, make sure you are appropriately dressed before heading out. Choose comfortable clothing that is not too tight. Even if the weather is calm and sunny, you’ll also want to take a few safeguards with you in the event of a sudden change. Below is a list of recommended clothing for an all-day hike:

  • Waterproof backpack.
  • Waterproof boots or shoes.
  • Waterproof socks.
  • A lightweight jacket.
  • Rainsuit (store in backpack).
  • Head coverings, hat, and/or sunglasses (for protection from the sun).

Once your hike is complete, be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate and stretch as soon as possible to speed up your recovery.

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Snow Chains: Things to Consider When Buying Tire Chains

During the winter months, tire chains are a practical tool for navigating snow-covered, icy roads. In fact, in climates prone to ice and snow storms, tire chains are a necessity. Many states in the U.S. have requirements for using tire chains following snow storms, and owning a pair of chains will help you be prepared whenever they’re needed.

Tire Chains on Vehicle
Tire Chains on Vehicle

Plus, tire chains are used on job sites in winter months. Heavy machinery, like skid loaders, require additional traction, especially when hauling material on icy roads.

Benefits of Tire Chains for Snowy Roads for Passenger Vehicles

Tire chains provide a range of benefits for drivers, the most important of which is greatly improved traction in snow and ice. Passenger cars just aren’t designed for deep snow. That’s why drivers are more prone to getting stuck. But snow tire chains can solve this problem. Even if you drive a 4-Wheel-Drive vehicle, tire chains can provide benefits in winter weather. Here’s what tire chains can help you achieve:

  • Traction in Deep Snow: Deep snow – a few inches to a few feet – is hazardous and extremely difficult to navigate. Vehicles aren’t designed to generate traction in these conditions, resulting in tires spinning, getting stuck and slippage on the ice and snow. Tire chains wrap around the tire, adding a thick, rugged surface that generates much better traction.
  • Breaking Down Ice: Tire chains are particularly useful when the road is coated in ice with a thick layer of snow on top. The rough chains help to break ice, which in turn, creates better traction. When there’s black ice on the road, drivers are much more prone to losing control of the vehicle. Chains grip and crack the icy road, delivering greatly improved traction.
  • Installation Flexibility: Chains aren’t used throughout the winter months. Instead, they are used during storms that deliver lots of snow and ice. In turn, they’re much more cost effective than a set of studded snow tires, and they can be removed quickly when they’re not in use.

    Tire Chains
    Tire Chains

How to Buy Proper Tire Chains

All tire changes are designed for specific tire types. You can’t just buy a pair or a set of 4 and attach them to your vehicle. Improperly sized tire chains can cause extensive damage to the wheel, brake system and wheel wells. Here’s how to buy the proper tire chains:

  • Consult Your Owner’s Manual: The majority of vehicles can accommodate properly sized tire chains. But some vehicles do not have the clearance, and on these cars, tire chains can cause severe damage. The owner’s manual will tell you if your vehicle can be fitted with chains.
  • Choose the Right Size: Tire chains are designed to be fitted for specific tire sizes. All tires are
    sized according to width and diameter, as well as some having a height ratio. The size of your vehicle’s tires is printed on the tire, as well as in the owner’s manual. An example size would be: 205/55 R 16. With 205 being the width, 55 the height ratio and 16 being the diameter. Choose chains that can be properly fitted to the size of tire on your vehicle.
  • Buy the Correct Number: You should use chains on the drive wheels of your vehicle. So for instance, front-wheel-drive vehicles would need a pair of chains for both front tires, while rear-wheel-drive vehicles would need a pair for both rear wheels. All-Wheel-Drive and 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles require pairs on both wheels to drive properly. Additionally, tire chains do wear out, so have a few extra pairs on hand.
  • Learn to Install Properly: Be sure you know how to properly install the chains. You don’t want to learn how in the middle of a blizzard. Often, chains should be fitted to the tire before driving in snow, and tighten after a short 15- to 20-foot drive. Once fitted, be sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly for best results, and adhere to the tire chains speed range. Going too fast with tire chains that aren’t designed for high-speed driving can be dangerous.

Remember, snow tire chains are used for extreme winter weather like deep snow and thick ice. They aren’t designed to be installed all winter long, and in some states, it may actually be illegal to drive with chains when they aren’t needed, because they can damage roads. In addition, be sure that you carry your tire chains in the trunk, so you’re prepared.

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