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Deelat Industrial’s pipe wrapping tape is ideal for use on garden pipes to help prevent and manage condensation build up. Ideal for use by both professionals and for DIY jobs around the house, this tape is of an excellent quality and offers reliable use and optimal performance.

Pipe Wrapping Tape: Why Is It Better Than Duct Tape?

Pipe wrapping tape has many practical uses in plumbing, the oil and gas industry, and at production facilities. It is most commonly used to create a water-tight seal on pipes. In plumbing, for instance, pipe wrapping tape is designed to create waterproof seals and add another layer of protection against leaks and drips.

Deelat Pipe Wrapping Tape
Deelat Pipe Wrapping Tape

But sealing is just one function of pipe wrapping tape. It can also be used to wrap any type of pipe, from those at oil and gas fields to underground sprinkler systems in your lawn. By adding a PVC-coated pipe wrap to a pipe, you can better prevent pipe corrosion, insulate pipes to prevent freezing and cover sharp edges.

Why Is Pipe Wrapping Tape Different?

Pipe wrapping tape is specially designed for uses in pipe systems, and there are several key benefits that set pipe wrapping tape apart from other kinds of tape. These benefits include:

  • Heat Resistance, Freeze Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Corrosion Prevention

    Applying Pipe Wrapping Tape
    Applying Pipe Wrapping Tape

Other types of tape, like duct tape or electrical tape, are not designed for the unique uses of pipe wrapping tape. For instance, common duct tape isn’t designed for temperature extremes, and often, it’s not fully waterproof. So in cases when a pipe can get extremely hot, duct tape and electrical tape would melt. For pipe sealing applications, duct tape and electrical tape are not designed to withstand constant moisture and create a waterproof seal.

That’s why UPC-approved pipe wrapping tape stands apart. Tapes that receive approval from the Uniform Plumbing Code are designed to withstand the elements, both above and underground, including temperature extremes. For instance, some tapes are designed to withstand temperatures below -100 degrees.

Additionally, pipe wrapping tape protects against corrosion. In the oil and gas industry, for instance, it is often used in underground piping systems to prevent corrosion caused by the high soil methane content. Duct tape and electrical tape, on the other hand, aren’t designed to bond with a pipe to prevent corrosion.

Buy the Right Pipe Wrapping Tape

When purchasing pipe wrap tape, there are a few factors that you need to consider. For more general applications, a UPC-approved PVC-coated tape with a rubber-based adhesive provides a strong bond in plumbing situations. PVC pipe wrap tape is the most commonly used, it’s the most economical and it’s widely available. Other factors to consider include:

  • Tape Backing: There are many different types of backing material, including PVC, SPVC, self-fusing silicone and foam. For instance, PVC tapes are used for general applications, while a self-fusing backing may be required to create a stronger bond.
  • Adhesive Type: Adhesives are designed for average temperature at the site and other factors. Options include rubber-based adhesives, which create strong bonds and are widely used, silicon and acrylic. Silicone adhesives are commonly used for extreme temperatures, below -100 degrees and above 500 degrees, while acrylic provides an effective seal, but takes longer to cure.
  • Thickness and Length: Each roll of pipe wrap tape is a certain length. Be sure to measure beforehand so you have the right amount of tape. And thickness depends on the type of material the tape is made from. Thicker tapes are used more commonly for insulation. sells a variety of industrial and plumbing tapes, including pipe wrapping tape. We carry an UPC-approved PVC pipe wrapping tape that is ideal for general applications in plumbing, irrigation and other piping systems.