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Having a well-kept backyard or green space is not only great for the environment, it also brings you together with family and friends. Deelat offers patio furniture, garden tools, lighting and stainless steel BBQ’s for hosting outdoor events and gatherings.


Fall is here, which means it’s time to get your backyard ready for the cold weather ahead.  Though they may seem like daunting tasks, you have to keep up with things like falling leaves, clogged gutters, and overgrown trees and shrubs.  The following tips will make the process much easier.


In addition to a lawn mower, make sure you have the following on hand:

  • Rake
  • Pruning Shears
  • Tree Trimmer
  • Broom
  • Leaf Bags
  • Trash Bags
  • Heavy-Duty Gloves
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Pressure Sprayer
  • Spreader
  • Tarps

1.) Keep in mind that the leaves will fall at their own pace, likely giving you little trouble some weeks, and then dropping rapidly at once.  Create space in your schedule to clean up the leaves little by little so that when the work gets tougher you haven’t already fallen behind.


2.) Finish bagging the leaves before the first snowfall. If you have a mulch mower, you can also turn them into clippings for fertilization. If you don’t have a mulch mower, use bark mulch.

3.)  After all of the leaves have fallen, clean your gutters.   This may be your least favorite fall chore, but clearing out mushy leaves in winter or spring is far worse.

4.) Use pruning shears to cut back older or decaying branches from your perennials. You should also mulch the soil around the plants to protect them from ice and freezing. Continue to water these plants when there is a lack of rain or snowfall.

fallyard4SKU #D1160567

5.) Spray weeds like dandelions and clovers in the yard with a herbicide.

6.) Apply a dry fertilizer to your lawn and lay grass seed to fill in sparse areas or dead patches in the yard.


7.)  Plant bulbs in fall for spring.

8.) Once the cold weather hits, wrap tree trunks and shrubs to protect them from the bright and potentially dangerous winter sun. It should remain there until early spring.

9.)  As the days get shorter and the nights longer, you may want to add outdoor lights to your yard or pathway, which will enhance your overall security and make your home look more appealing.

solar lighting 4

10.) Before the end of the season, give your grass a final cut with your mower on a slightly lower setting than normal.  This length of grass will do well under the snow.


11.)  Gather winter supplies from the garage or shed and store summer and fall equipment.  If your outdoor furniture or lawn machinery will be sitting outside all winter, they should be protected with a tarp to prevent moisture from freezing and causing damage. offers a wide selection of yard cleanup and storage products.  We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!  

Tips for Building a New Backyard Deck or Patio

There is a deck or patio to fit your home, lifestyle and budget whether you’re planning a modest retreat or an elaborate space built for outdoor entertaining.  The following are a few tips to think about before planning to build a deck or patio.

deck 8


Invest in good screws.  Stainless steel or coated screws made for pressure treated wood will resist corrosion.

Your primary material options are wood, vinyl or composite.  Wood is the most attractive aesthetically, but it must be treated periodically or it will rot.  Vinyl decking will last forever without maintenance, but it looks like plastic.  Composite decking offers the look of real wood with the longevity of a completely synthetic material.  Vinyl and composite decking costs more than wood.

deck 3

You don’t have to go with the commonplace railing and spindles that accompany most decks.  Deck railings can be made from vinyl, composites, glass, metal and cabling.

deck 4

According to your building codes and depending on the height of your deck, you may not need a railing at all.

Incorporate advanced features into your deck, like lighting, planters, a fan and/or a built-in bench and even a sound system.  Deelat sells a wide range of solar lighting products for deck structures, including post cap, wall and pedestal-mounted accent, and step lights.

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Construct a base for the patio from sand and gravel, or concrete.  Generally speaking, the base should be from 6 to 8 inches deep.

A patio should have edging to keep weeds and overgrown grass at bay.  Edging can be made of bricks, gravel, cement blocks or stones.  Furthermore, a patio can be edged with flower beds.

deck 5

Lights should be used to make the patio an inviting place.  Solar landscape lights can be used to demarcate the path to the patio as well as its perimeter.

deck 6  SKU #D1173516

deck 7


In addition to solar powered lights, Deelat offers BBQ grills and picnic tables that can be used on either decks or patios.  If you need to cook skewered foods such as meats and vegetables in large numbers, the BBQ Grill with rotary skewers (D1774580) is designed to ensure even cooking.  Deelat’s synthetic wood picnic table may be the perfect match to your deck’s stain color.

deck 2SKU #D1774228 has a wide selection of outdoor deck and patio accessories to help you plan your next project.  We’ve got you covered with great prices.  Shop with us today and save!

Tips to Prepare for a Camping Trip

The great outdoors beckons many families when vacation time comes around.  Without access to television and computers, camping provides a great environment for families to spend some quality time together.


Perhaps this is your first time camping.  Maybe you aren’t camping but roughing it away from the comfort of your own home, in a cottage or RV.  If so, you’ll want to prepare for your next trip to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation.

Here are some great tips to help make your next camping trip more enjoyable:


If you’re using a tent, make sure you have everything needed for assembly.  This includes tent stakes and a hammer.  You will also need a tarp for added protection during the rainy season.  Bring your sleeping bags and comfortable pillows, too.


camping2SKU# D1065744


For your travels, pack food that you will prepare for meals, as well as snacks and plenty of water.  Insulated transport bags, food storage boxes, cooler boxes and film wrappers will all help you make sure you have the freshest food available.

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Pack cooking equipment and utensils such as a camping stove, pots, pans, dishes, cups, silverware, spatulas, tongs, can openers and oven mitts.  Remember to include trash bags, dish towels and dish washing liquid for clean-up.


If you’re going somewhere with reliable sunshine during the day, a good idea would be to bring solar powered lights so you don’t need to think about powering them.  Also, bring handheld flashlights and extra batteries.

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Pest Control

Insect repelent, fly swatters and a bug zapper can help keep your camp insect-free.

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When you’re out in the wilderness, it’s not easy to get medical attention quickly.  Thus, a first aid kit is absolutely essential to have everything you need for most injuries.

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Don’t Forget the Fun!

If you like mountain biking just pick up a bike carrier and you’re all set.  Grab a heavy duty raft for the entire family if everyone is in for some white water rafting.  Just because you’re roughing it outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to leave all your toys at home!




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Tips for Making Your Home or Business More Environmentally Friendly

There are plenty of reasons to go green in your home or business:  concern over climate change, the desire to leave the world a better place for future generations, or to save money on gas and electricity bills.


There are lots of ways to do this.  Instead of driving to work, you could walk, take public transportation or car pool.  Better still, why not just work from home if you are able?  In addition to reducing the demand for fossil fuels, you are saving gas money.  Another environmentally beneficial thing you can do in your place of work (and your home) is to eliminate the use of single-use, throwaway containers.


Below are additional tips on how you can make your home and business more environmentally friendly:

Harness the Power of the Sun

The solar boom is here to stay, and there are numerous products you can use to take advantage of the power of sunlight.  Homes and businesses benefit from motion-activated solar powered lights.  In addition to saving you money on your electric bill, they provide safety and security.


Our Solar Powered Exhaust Fan and Ventilator (D1155703) is ideal for keeping attic space cool during the summer, thereby improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.  So it not only runs on renewable energy but also reduces the energy used by another system.

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Another product to consider is a sun tunnel .  Sun tunnels comprise a dome installed on your roof that is connected to a tube lined with reflective material that amplifies light as it passes through to an opening where the light is diffused into a room in your home or office.  These products are as effective as skylights yet cheaper to install.  Using a sun tunnel instead of turning on lights will help save electricity.

CFLs, LEDs and You

If you haven’t done so already, change the bulbs in your house from incandescent to compact fluorescent light (CFL) types, which will improve your energy usage considerably.  Don’t forget to change the bulbs that you seldom use in the attic, basement, garage and crawl space.  Floodlights for your home and business are often left on at night; replace any halogen types you may have with a CFL or LED variety to save energy and money.  Installing LED fluorescent light tubes at your business is also a must for the same reasons.


Upgrade Your Thermostat

Electronic thermostats with LCD displays are more accurate, and thus more energy efficient, than manual dial thermostats.  Their modern LCD displays allow you to keep track of the temperature and clearly see the current settings.

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Deelat Industrial offers environmentally friendly products for homes as well as workplaces, so be sure to make us your first stop!  We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!

Advantages of Using Outdoor Solar Lights

When most people think about the benefits of outdoor solar-powered lighting the first thing that comes to their minds is cost.  While outdoor solar lighting is certainly cheaper to operate (and easier to install) than electric lighting, there are several other benefits that make this type of lighting a must-have.

solar lighting 1


Appearance:  Outdoor lighting can improve the appearance of your landscaping, provide enough light for late night parties, and improve the aesthetics of your home.  If you are looking to put your house on the market, solar lighting can help improve the resale value of your home.

Deelat’s assortment of outdoor solar-powered lighting offers many options to improve the appearance of your home.  For example, the D1151529 outdoor street light is a solar-powered, 3,000 lumens LED model that can be used to brighten your courtyard, driveway or patio.  The light requires up to ten hours charging in bright sunlight, after which it can light an area for three nights.  This model has a light diameter of 25 feet.

solar lighting 3SKU #D1151529

Safety:  Bright lights that are triggered by motion are often enough to deter criminals.  Furthermore, you will feel safe going out at night to run errands, take out the trash or get the mail if you install a light with a motion detector.

Deelat’s powerful solar-powered outdoor lights with motion sensors include the D1151538 model.  This light requires 11 hours to charge in sunlight, after which it has more than five nights worth of lighting time.  This model has a maximum of 1,000 lumens of brightness with a lighting diameter of 16 feet.


solar lighting 4 solar lighting 5   SKU #D1151538

Environmentally Friendly:  Because outdoor solar lighting does not have a negative impact on the environment, you can implement elaborate, guilt-free projects with Deelat’s wide assortment of lighting products.  Try the wall-mounted D1173517 and pedestal-mounted D1151541 solar landscape lights, which are wonderful additions to a landscaped yard.  Don’t forget to add D1173513 in-ground lights to accent your garden as well.

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