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Light up your commerical or residential space with a large variety of items from Deelat Industrial. We offer everything from flashlights, to factory lamps, as well as emergency and exit signs. They are simple to install, and are resistant to corrosion, moisture and dirt.

Applications and uses for different Lighting Types

Lighting is an essential component to all types of homes and businesses. It may be something that’s required by all, however that doesn’t mean it’s a simple one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different types of lighting available to meet various standards, and you need to know which types are right for you.

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There’s so much more to lighting than a bulb hanging from a fixture on the ceiling. Here’s a look at some of the applications and uses for different types of lighting!

Outdoor Lighting

There’s plenty of outdoor lights available that you can use to ensure that your outdoor spaces can be illuminated to look better when the sun goes down whether it be for entertaining guests or for security purposes. Underground lights look great alongside a pathway or patio while solar powered outdoor lights can be used  either for decoration or for security purposes. There are even Christmas lights (also solar powered) for bringing some festive decor to the outside of your home or back yard.


Factory Lighting

Outdoor lighting also has it’s purpose in the workplace, in order to provide security for staff leaving after dark, but there’s some lighting that specifically applies to inside the workplace. Factory lighting and lamps offer a multitude of uses depending on the circumstances. Different working environments require different levels of lighting protection so that they can continue to function under extreme conditions.

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Explosion proof lighting of all shapes and sizes can be found, along with lights that are corrosion, water and dust proof. Emergency lighting is also essential for workplaces, particularly where more risk is involved, and even offices or homes where it can be used in the event of power failures.

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Public Lighting

The same goes for exit signs, which can be used in large factories or any public place where people might need to be guided towards an exit, potentially in the dark or during a fire where smoke obscures their sight. These are very important aspects of health and safety for any building, so every responsible property owner or employer needs to make sure they have them.

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It isn’t just large scale lamps that can be important in potentially hazardous environments. Explosion proof torches and searchlights are also an essential part of any set up for businesses dealing with those kind of conditions. These also come in various shapes and sizes to suit each purpose and environment.


Deelat Industrial is your source for a variety of quality lamps and lighting styles for any residence or workplace.  We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save! 

Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home or Office Space

There are so many options for lighting your home or office on the market today. How do you know what type of lighting will work best for you? Follow this simple checklist to decide what type of light bulbs to purchase, in order to provide your space with the most suitable and comfortable lighting possible.


Home Spaces:

Having so many light bulb options can be confusing. When selecting a light bulb, should you choose an LED or CFL light bulb? And what light color should you use?

  • Choose an LED light bulb for workshops and home offices as the CFL often gives in to power surges.
  • Opt for a CFL when choosing light bulbs for lamps as the LED is strictly directional.
  • CFL bulbs contain some mercury which can be hazardous if broken. If this is a concern, you may want to go with the LED light bulb instead.
  • Now that you’ve decided between the LED and CFL, you’ll need to choose a light color. To make this decision, you’ll need to determine what you will be using the space for? For example, you’ll want softer (or lower temperature) lighting in a bedroom but will need a more natural white (or medium temperature) for an office or living space. Higher temperature or daylight bulbs should be reserved for sitting rooms or libraries where lots of reading is common.
  • LED light bulbs are more expensive than CFL bulbs but offer a longer lifespan thus making them a good investment.

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Office Spaces:

Traditional linear fluorescent lights are the most common option for office lighting. These have proved to be the most popular because they provide good lighting, are cost effective, offer a long life span and are also energy savers. So when, if ever, should you consider making a switch to LED lighting?

  • If you are concerned about safety and the environment, you’ll want to switch to LED lighting. First off, fluorescent lights contain a small trace of mercury. Consequently, these lights are not viewed as environmentally friendly and are difficult to safely dispose of. They also give off some ultraviolet light which can pose as a health hazard for some.
  • Opt for LED lights if you need shatterproof lighting.
  • If you have the need to adjust your lights, that is to dim or brighten them at times, this is not possible with fluorescent lights. However, controls are suitable for use with LED lighting.
  • There are other benefits to consider when deciding to make the switch from fluorescent to LED lighting in your office space. Along with offering a longer lifespan and better efficiency, flickering and buzzing is not a problem with LED lights – a common problem with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Deelat Industrial is your source for lighting accessories and bulbs. Whether you require compact or linear fluorescent bulbs, or LED’s, Deelat has a wide variety for you to choose from. Shop with us today and save!

LED Roadside Warning Lights: Useful for Traffic Safety at Night and Day

Road flares have traditionally been used for lighting roadways during emergencies. Yet, there’s a more economical, reusable option: LED warning lights. These flashing lights, which are equipped with highly visible multi-colored displays, provide precautionary lighting in a variety of situations, at night or during the day.


For example, LED road flares can be used for drivers of stalled vehicles, helping to warn and slow oncoming traffic. LED roadside warning lights are also used by emergency responders to clearly mark accidents, slow traffic for parades and events, or mark hazards in the road like fallen tree limbs. Proper lighting is critical to roadside safety, and LED lights offer several advantages over traditional flame road flares.

Usefulness of LED Road Flares

There are a number of reasons LED emergency lights are a must-have item in any vehicle. In addition to being weatherproof, these emergency lights do not emit flames and they are reusable. Additional advantages include:

  • Bright Multi-Colored Display: LED road flares are designed with dozens of bulbs that emit high-intensity light. That means they’re visible in both day and night. Plus, unlike road flares, LED lights stand vertically, increasing their visibility, and they use multiple colors. For example, our roadside emergency light contains a red caution triangle with orange and white accents, which quickly informs drivers to slow down.

    LED Roadside Warning Light
    LED Roadside Warning Light
  • Blinking LED Display: In addition to being vertically oriented, LED road lights are also programmed to flash, which increases nighttime visibility. The blinking lights at night help to illuminate and clearly mark accidents and slow traffic.
  • Day/Night Visibility: LEDs are bright, intense lights, and they are noticeable during day and night. In addition, the vertical stand increases noticeability at any time of the day.
  • Ease-of-Use: LED road light are extremely easy to use, and they don’t require safe handling to operate, unlike road flares. For example, if a road flare is run over by a vehicle, it can become airborne, causing potential injury. LED emergency lights, on the other hand, are battery powered, and require a quick flip of the switch.
  • Weatherproof: Our LED emergency lights are weatherproof, which makes them useful in any condition, from strong rain to heavy snow. is your source for LED work lights. We offer a range of options, including our roadside emergency light, as well as other high-performance, quality LED products. Start shopping today.