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Tips to help your Business Stay Cool during the Warmer Months

Creating a pleasant working environment for staff has become ever more important in the last few decades as we’ve learned more about what influences productivity along with an increase in job mobility seeing workers more likely to leave their employers if they aren’t happy with conditions. This particularly applies when the weather is hot during the summer months, as oppressive heat can drain energy levels and cause a great deal of discomfort. However as an employer, there’s plenty you can do to help.

Sky at Sunset

Nobody likes being inside at work on a sunny day, but if the temperature is so high that even office workers are struggling to get their jobs done, that isn’t good for anybody, and this is even more critical in workplaces where employees need to be up and about all day. So here are some tips for helping your business stay cool during the warmer months:

Summer cooling 1

Invest in Air Conditioning

If your workplace is in a town or city where the climate is generally very hot during the summer months, you should already have air conditioning, but even in more temperate locations it can be a necessity to have a system in place for when the thermometer soars. In these situations, rather than paying for a full installation, it might be more efficient and convenient (and cost-effective) to buy a portable air conditioning unit which can be used when required.

summer cooling 3

Buy an Air Curtain

If you work somewhere that requires a door to be open to allow in customers or loading vehicles, it can be hard to regulate the indoor temperature without being affected by the outside atmosphere. This applies equally whether it’s hot or cold, so an air curtain is needed to offer a barrier between the two temperatures that will prevent the hot air (in this instance) from replacing the air conditioned air.

Summer cooling 4

Fans – Lots of Fans

One of the cheapest options for your business might be the simplest one – buy lots of fans. If air conditioning isn’t something that you are going to need on a regular basis, simply making sure your workplace has enough fans to offer a cool draft to make the heat less of a problem for all of your staff could be the way forward. There are fans of all shapes and sizes to fit your needs, including some industrial-sized blowers if required.


Stay Hydrated

And finally, the cheapest tip of them all. When the weather is hot, your staff will get dehydrated quickly, especially those having to be on their feet all day. Using the methods above to reduce the temperature will help, but even office workers need to stay hydrated during the summer, so why not supply them with not only a drinking fountain or cooler, but water bottles as well that they can be refilled whenever necessary.

summer cooling 2

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What Is An Industrial Blower?

Centrifugal fans, which are often called industrial blowers, are commonly used in industrial applications to circulate and supply air to a given area. Technically, blowers are different from typical industrial fans. Industrial fans circulate air throughout an entire space, while blowers provide a more directional, steady stream.

That’s why a blower, rather than a fan, would be used in applications that require a continuous stream of air. Inflation is one common application for blowers. For example, the nebula blower – which takes in air at its base, and supplies a steady stream of air directly upwards – is commonly used to inflate advertising sky dancers. That’s why the nebula blower is often called a sky dancer blower.

Sky Dancers
Sky Dancers

There are many different types of blowers, including portable and mounted options, and inflation is just one common application. Industrial blowers are also commonly used for ventilation, to dry carpets, to circulate air in a workspace, for exhaust, cooling, and in HVAC blower systems. In these situations, portable blowers are preferred to fans, because they provide greater control over where the flow of air is directed. For example, when drying saturated carpets, a blower can be positioned so that air is directly aimed at the wet carpets. With a fan, the flow of air is at a lesser pressure, and thus, the flow is distributed more broadly.

What Are the Differences Between Industrial Blowers and Fans?

The key difference between the two is the way in which they circulate air. As mentioned, blowers provide a more directional stream of air. Plus, another difference is that blowers have a different appearance and are constructed differently.

Deelat Nebula Blower
Deelat Nebula Blower

For example, industrial blowers are often called “snail blowers” or “squirrel cage blowers” because of the way they’re constructed. Some blowers are shaped like a snail shell, for example. The shell, or fan housing, contains a fan wheel, which is driven electrically or by gas to propel the fan blades. Air is drawn into the fan housing pushed out through an outlet, which results in that steady, continuous stream of air.

Therefore, you can tell the difference between fans and blowers by the way that air is drawn into the device. Fans use propellers, while blowers use a wheel, which is where the term squirrel cage comes from. They look like giant hamster or squirrel wheels. Plus, another key difference is the pressure at which the air is delivered. A blower provides a higher pressure stream, which makes blowers better suited for exhaust, inflation, pushing air or gas through a hose or duct, and for pressurizing spaces.

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