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Deelat offers a wide selection of stainless steel door hinges that are highly durable and complimented by a high quality, satin finish. Lift-off, double-action, spring, and riveted hinges are all available.

Double Action Spring Hinges: What Are They and How Are They Different

Double action spring hinges are a specialized type of spring-loaded hinge that allow a door to open in both directions. For this reason, they’re often called “saloon door hinges” or “café door hinges,” as they’re commonly used in both locations. For example, restaurant kitchen doors – which swing open both ways, and automatically close – are often hung with double action spring hinges.

These hinges differ from standard door hinges in a number of ways, and they’re available in all different sizes, finishes and weights. The size of the double-action hinge you will use depends on the size and weight of your door.

Double Action Spring Hinge
Double Action Spring Hinge

What Are Double Action Spring Hinges Used For?

Spring loaded hinges enable a door to open in both directions. These hinges are made with two spring-loaded pivots, enabling the 180-degree range of motion in either direction. They’re fashioned to a door and jamb like standard hinges, often in a mortise or indention, and they’re made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Satin or Polished Brass
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc Copper

Plus, another feature is that the spring tension increased. The double springs in each door can be adjusted for either more tension or less tension, for a faster or slower closing action. For example, high-tension spring hinges close more quickly and with greater force. In kitchens, the hinges are often tightened with less tension, so they swing slowly and freely in either direction.

Double Acting Doors in Restaurant
Double Acting Doors in Restaurant

Why Double Action Spring Hinges Are Different

The biggest differences between spring-loaded hinges and standard hinges are, of course, their ability to open in both directions and the self-closing action. That’s why double-action hinges are used in highly trafficked areas – like kitchens and industrial facilities – where the door will be opened and closed frequently and traffic will be coming in either direction.

Another difference is that a trio of double-action hinges is often used on each door, especially heavier doors. Plastic kitchen doors that are lightweight can often be attached with just two hinges, but for heavier doors, three hinges are needed to position the door. You can refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the size and number of hinges to use.

The reason that three hinges are often used is because they’re open and closed frequently. Often with just two hinges, the joint can quickly become loose. In this three-hinge installation, one is installed close to the top of the door, and a second is installed just below. The third hinge is attached lower to the ground. In this type of installation, the top hinge holds the brunt of the door weight. has the lowest prices online for double-action spring door hinges. We offer a range of sizes from 3 inches to 8 inches in a variety of quality finishes.