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Deelat Industrial offers a wide range of hearing aids for those in need of improving their personal health. All of our hearing aids are designed for optimal comfort and performance. We have a number of different designs available which are suitable for those users with slightly less to more severe hearing loss.

Medical Industry Update: Introducing the World’s Smallest Hearing Aid

Hearing aids have come a long way since they were first developed following World War II. Then, hearing aids were designed to help returning veterans who were experiencing hearing loss due to combat.

ZD-900B Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Deelat’s Loud N Clear ZD-900B Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Now, the technology is changing rapidly, said Dr. Ross Tonini, of the Baylor College of Medicine, in an interview with the BCM Momemtum.

First, the majority are now all-digital, providing better sound quality than analog versions. Plus, many of today’s hearing aids are web-connected, acting first as hearing aids, but thanks to Bluetooth, they’re now doing double duty as music players, cellphone receivers and more. The design has changed too.

Hearing aids are now smaller and more discrete. In fact, a majority of In-The-Ear hearing aids available on the market are silicon-based and blend in more naturally than ever. For instance, the Loud N Clear “In The Ear” Rechargeable Hearing Aid ZD-900B features a sleek, behind-the-ear design, that fits seamlessly in the ear.

It’s clear the technology has changed – but a new hearing aid that’s still in development should be a game-changer. A Serbian professor, who has worn hearing aids her entire life, decided to make a completely invisible hearing aid.

Enter the Nanoplug.  Along with an industrial designer, Nevena Zivic came up with the Nanoplug – which fits inside the ear canal and is smaller than a coffee bean. The project has caught on too. Leading news websites like CNET and the International Business Times hailed the project a masterpiece.

And it appears many people are interested as well. An Indiegogo fundraising campaign had reached well beyond its goal of $80,000. Currently, more than a thousand donors have helped raise over $293,000.

The idea is also that the hearing aid will be economical, relatively speaking. At $400, it’s still light years ahead of most budget hearing aids. For instance, our behind-the-ear and ear-plug hearing aids start at just over $11.00. But that might change, as the cost of technology lowers. We’ll see, whenever it hits the market. provides a variety of low-cost, affordable hearing aids. You can browse our selection online right now.