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Gable fans are used in attics to ventilate the space and keep it cool during the warm summer months. They are powered by solar panels so electricity is not required and use of the fan can even help to reduce energy bills. Using the attic fan during the winter months can also prove to be beneficial as it will reduce moisture in the air.

Solar Powered Gable Fans: Sizes, Uses, and Installation Tips

In the summer months, the roof of your home is very hot, up to 150 degrees or more. The sun beats down on the roof’s shingles, which absorb the heat, and that heat is conducted into the attic. If you’ve ever stepped into your attic in the summer, you know that it is generally much hotter than your home. That’s caused by all that conducted heat.

Deelat Solar Powered Gable Fan
Deelat Solar Powered Gable Fan

The reason your attic stays so warm, especially in older homes, is that the air isn’t circulated. In turn, the heat from the roof continues to enter, and attics can get superhot. This creates a few problems: The heat in the attic can escape, increasing the home’s temperature and cooling costs. In fact, it’s estimated that a hot attic can cause a 30 percent increase in cooling bills, and overall home temperature can increase 10 degrees or more as a result.

Gable fans are one method for combatting this problem. These fans are used to circulate the hot air out of the attic, and they’re attached to an exterior-facing wall in the attic. By doing this, the hot air is circulated outside, while cooler air is circulated in. Through this process, gable fans can decrease ambient attic temperature by as much as 60 degrees or more.

Installation Tips for Gable Fans

Standard gable fans are attached to the interior power supply, which can increase your electricity bill. Solar gable fans, though, offer an alternative. They’re powered by a small solar panel – ranging in size from 10 to 30 watts – and this solar panel is affixed to the home’s roof. The solar power supply then runs and powers the fan, either remotely or via a power cord.

Solar Panel inlcuded with Deelat Gable Fan
Solar Panel inlcuded with Deelat Gable Fan

Most often, gable fans are fitted into existing gable vents, which are small outlets within the wall that enables the fan to circulate air to the exterior. If you’re purchasing a replacement gable fan, it’s often best to find a size that properly fits into the existing vent. Yet, even if your home is without a gable vent, you can create one. Gable vents can be installed using a few household tools and scrap lumber to create a frame on the interior.

When installing a solar gable fan, the key is aligning the solar panel on the roof so that it has sufficient access to sunlight. Generally, the gable vent is just under the eave of the home, so the panel should be affixed to the more southern-facing slope. Many models also have tilting panels, which make it easier to direct the panel towards the sun.

Purchasing a Solar Powered Gable Fan

The biggest point to consider when purchasing a solar gable fan is the exhaust capacity of the fan. A larger space requires a more powerful fan with a greater exhaust capacity. This is measured in CFM – or cubic feet per minute – which is the amount of air the fan circulates every minute.

CFM output is determined by the length, width and height or pitch of the attic, as well as the color of the roof. Darker roofs absorb more heat, and ultimately conduct more heat into the attic. Plus, larger spaces need a fan with a greater CFM. There are calculators available online that can help you determine the size of the gable fan that you’ll need, but in general, the CFM is often fairly close to the square footage of the attic space, i.e. a 1,200 square foot attic would need a fan rated around 1,200 CFM.

Finally, you’ll also want to find the measurements of the host – or housing frame. The easiest solution is to match a replacement gable fan to the existing housing, but smaller housings may be altered to accommodate a slightly larger fan.

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