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The Importance of Using Renewable Energy in Today’s World

Renewable energy is a popular topic among local, state and governmental leaders. Consequently, many corporations are making great strides to change over to renewable energy sources. But why should you as a homeowner go through the trouble of switching energy sources? After all, it can be expensive, troublesome and time consuming. Here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider:




1. Help the Environment by Cutting Down on Pollution and Slowing Down Global Warming – You will impact your environment by switching to renewable energy. Most homes are currently heated by coal, oil or gas – all fossil fuels that pollute the air. Additionally, these sources are running out over time and unless consumers make changes, there will be a drastic decline in available energy sources over the next few decades.


2. Improve Your Home’s Value – Switching to renewable energy is an investment that will pay off with the increase in your home’s value. The installation of solar panels, wind turbines and other energy sources will add to your home’s resale value.


3. Save Money Over Time – Many who have switched to renewable energy sources have found that they saved money over time. This is because they no longer have to worry about utility bills.


4. Tax Credit and Rebates – Choosing to install solar panels or switching to a solar thermal hot water system may also qualify you for tax credits or rebates.

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Tips for Installing Lighting in Your Home or Office

Lighting can be both functional and stylish in your home or office space. When selecting lighting, you’ll want to consider your personal aesthetics as well as your lighting needs. Consider the following:

1. What activities will take place in the space? This will help to determine how much lighting is needed. For example, kitchens will require more lighting than bedrooms. What’s especially important for office or work spaces, is that too little light can cause eye strain. Deelat carries a variety of both fluorescent and LED bulbs in different wattages to meet your specific room needs.



2. How large is the space? This will also be a determination in deciding how much light you’ll need. In larger spaces, you’ll likely want to use several types of lights including floor and overhead lighting.



3. What look are you trying to achieve? Choose from a variety of styles including rustic, industrial, elegant or contemporary.

Some options include:

Finally, before beginning installation, you’ll need to determine where you want your lights placed. The wrong placement can result in poor lighting as well as shadows and glares. offers a wide selection of lighting products for sale. Shop with us today and save!

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting: Applications, Types and Need

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are lights that are used in industrial environments in which flammable gases are present. The biggest difference, though, between explosion-proof lights and standard electric lights is that explosion-proof lamps are designed to eliminate the risk of an electrical spark from the fixture to ignite a gas in the area.

Explosion Proof Lamp
Explosion Proof Flood Light

There are many different types available including LED explosion-proof work lamps and overhead fluorescent lamps, and they are widely used in hazardous working environments like in the mining and oil and gas industry. Each light is designed with a range of innovations that eliminate the risk of a fire or explosion. Specially-designed parts include:

  • Light heat management elements
  • Flame-tight seals
  • Flame-tight joint

Each of these elements ensures that A) gases cannot come in contact with the electric current and B) the lamp never reaches a specific heat that would create a dangerous environment.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light
Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light

When Are Explosion-Proof Lamps Needed?

In general, explosion-proof lighting is required in hazardous environments that have or could have gases present in the air.  Originally, these lights were fire-powered kerosene lamps that were used by miners in the late 1800s. Yet, as electricity became portable, flame-powered lamps were replaced with electric lamps.

These types of lights are used in many different instances:

  • Offshore oil rig lighting
  • Underground mining environments
  • Gas drilling sites
  • Hazardous manufacturing facilities

And when they are needed is often dictated by governmental regulatory groups. For example, in the U.S., the OHSA have mandates in place for when explosion-proof lights are needed. In the U.S., explosion-proof lights must be used in “any area that the atmosphere is determined to contain a concentration of flammable vapors that are at or above 10 percent of the lower explosive limit,“ according to the OHSA.

Typically, explosion-proof equipment must be tested as to the type of environment that it is suitable for use in. For example, the OHSA has several classes and types of devices that have been approved for use in environments with gas and vapors, dusts, and fibers. Be sure that the type of light is deemed safe for the type of flammable material that is present.

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How to Buy a Portable Gas Generator

Gas-powered generators are a common piece of equipment at remote job sites. Plus, many homeowners have generators on hand to prepare for a power outage. These small, portable generators are powered by gas motors, delivering wattage to power electronics, power tools and home appliances.

Portable Generator in Action
Portable Generator in Action

Yet, you need to match the generator’s capacity and wattage to your needs. For example, if you need to provide power to an entire multi-room home, a small generator wouldn’t be the best option. And if you need a power source at the job site for a circular saw, a mega-wattage generator would be more costly and deliver way more power than what’s needed.

So how do you select a gas generator for your needs?

Gas Generator Buyers Guide: Questions to Ask

How Much Wattage Do I Need?

Whether you’ll be using the generator to power equipment at the job site, or as a backup power source if your home’s power fails, you need to select a generator with the proper wattage output.  Home refrigerators, for example, have a running wattage of about 600 watts and a surge wattage of 2,000+ watts. And a circular saw has an average running wattage of about 1,500 watts and surge wattage of about 3,000. That means to start up a circular saw, you will need a generator that can support up to 3,000 watts.

Portable Gas Generator
Portable Gas Generator

What is the generator’s capacity?

Gas generators are powered by motors that use gasoline. The capacity is the volume of the gas motor’s tank, as well as the maximum amount of time that the motor will run. If you need a generator that will run continuously for long periods of time – for instance, as your home’s backup power – a larger volume tank is more ideal. Portable generators for the job site tend to have gas motors that can run for a max of 6-8 hours.

What features and items do you need?

There are a range of things to consider in terms of features and included items. For example, you might need additional items like:

  • Power cord
  • Oil
  • Wheels
  • A cover

Be sure that you know what’s included in-box with the generator you purchase. Special features include automatic idle, automatic safety shutdown, spark mufflers, liquid cooling and electronic start. Depending on the application, you may need a specialized gas generator. For example, worksites that have greater fire dangers often require generators with spark muffling and fire-prevention features.

How portable does the generator need to be?

Small, medium and large gas generators tend to come in a variety of configurations. Often, they have wheels that make the generator easy to move around to different pieces of equipment. Others are fixed, and they’re designed to be set up in one position. Be sure to select a generator that is portable if you’ll need a power source at different locations throughout the day.

Do you need a transfer switch?

A transfer switch is a piece of hardware that connects to your home’s switch box, and transfers the power from the main supply to the generator. This is needed for home energy gas generators. is your source for gas generators. We offer an incredible selection of gas generators, with a range of wattages, and our prices are the best available. Start shopping today and save.