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Common Applications for Quadcopter Drones

In the last five years, personal drones have revolutionized the remote controlled plane industry. Drones aren’t your typical remote controlled aircraft. They’re hi-tech, yet affordable, devices that can be used for tons of interesting applications. Drones are used for photography, helping photographers capture hard-to-reach locations at a fraction of the cost. They’re used in research to navigate dangerous research locations, and they’re used in a variety of industries for monitoring and evaluating equipment and crops.

2.4G RC Quadcopter with 0.3MP HD Camera
2.4G RC Quadcopter with 0.3MP HD Camera

Of course, personal quadcopters are also used for just plain fun. From personal flying, to drone races, there are a number of ways that personal drones have interested a new generation of remote control pilots. Today, there are numerous videos online that show just have useful these devices can be, and because most of the drones on the market today are equipped with powerful cameras, the videos they capture are truly awe-inspiring. Here are a few common uses for today’s drones:

  1. Aerial Photography

Before the rise of RC drones, aerial photography was expensive. It required a flight in a plane or helicopter and cost thousands of dollars. But since the majority of today’s drones include high-resolution cameras, aerial photography is easier than ever. Plus, quadcopters are enabling photographers to capture hard-to-reach landscapes and never-before-seen vistas. Take for instance: Niagara Falls. It’s one of the most photographed landscapes on Earth, but now, drones have made it possible to capture the beauty of the falls from overhead. Here’s how Niagara Falls looks from a drone:

  1. Scientific Research

For researchers, access to a location is important, but it’s not always easy. Yet, viewing landscapes from above makes it easier to gather information and perspective on a given location. Scientists use drones to measure wildlife, determine forest health, and quantify the effects of an invasive species. Often, researchers have trouble entering a location, whether it’s impassible by transportation or other dangers. For example, Chernobyl, the site of the 1980 nuclear disaster in Ukraine, has been difficult for scientists to enter due to fear of radiation contamination. With drones, scientists have found a way to access the site safely. Here’s a look at the Chernobyl site via drone:

  1. Commercial Investigations

In numerous industries, drones are enabling faster and more comprehensive research. With drones, people have access to vast or difficult-to-reach landscapes. One example is in agriculture. Before, to assess the health of a large field or orchard, a farmer had to examine crops by foot or vehicle – a tedious process. Today, drones are helping farmers assess their fields faster and more thoroughly, and they’re able to quantify water waste and crop health. This is just one example. Drones are also being used to evaluate efficiency in processing plants, to examine hard-to-reach equipment in industrial facilities, and one day, drones may even be used for delivering goods. Here’s a look at drones in agriculture:

  1. Recreation

For decades, remote controlled planes have been a favorite pastime for hobbyists. Drones are  revolutionizing the hobby. They’re easier to fly thanks to technology; they are becoming more and more powerful and able to fly for extended periods. And of course, they’re fun to fly for people of all ages. Recently, as drones have become more advanced, racing has become a popular activity for enthusiasts, and it’s a growing segment of drone pilots. Here’s a look at an FPV drone race:

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