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Double swivel hoist rings are ideal for heavy lifting applications. They are strong, durable, heavy duty bolts that are resistant to corrosion and provide increased safety and security during use. The swivel motion of this particular type of hoist ring reduces the risk of breakage and weakness while managing loads due to high pressure and torque.

Rigging Hardware: Double Swivel Hoist Rings Uses and Tips

Double swivel hoist rings are a modern piece of rigging hardware, and in general, they offer more flexibility compared to eye bolts in applications that require heavy duty lifting and rigging.  That’s why swivel hoist rings are often used for moving loads in manufacturing, logging, the automotive industry, construction, and mining.

Essentially, a swivel hoist ring is made up of six components. The bail, body, bearing, screw, shoulder pin and washer. The bail is a U-shaped ring that connects to the body, which contains a bearing, screw, shoulder pin and washer. Then when hoisting, the screw is bolted into the load at a predetermined torque. The design is what sets the swivel ring apart from eye bolts, because the connection is flexible. Thanks to the bearing in the body, the bail can rotate 360 degrees around the body, and it is also capable of pivoting 180 degrees.

Deelat Double Swivel Hoist Ring
Deelat Double Swivel Hoist Ring

In turn, the swiveling action eliminates many alignment issues, and it also enables the ring to follow the direction of the force. So, for instance, if the direction of force was at a 45-degree angle from the load, the bail would pivot in that direction. Because eye bolts do not pivot, the bolt would not align with the direction of force, which might lead to the bolt being ripped off or cracking under the pressure.

Tips for Using Double Swivel Hoist Rings

The two most important tips for selecting a double swivel hoist ring:

  • Choose the right thread types
  • Determine the correct load capacity

There are double swivel hoist rings with all types of threads, including metric threads. Plus, each ring has a set load capacity. It’s imperative to follow these recommendations, as overloading a hoist ring is extremely dangerous, especially since the load will likely be several hundred pounds or more.

Additionally, double swivel hoist rings are designed to be taken apart and regularly inspected, and inspection is non-destructive. This is important, because you should never use a hoist ring with compromised parts, which could include corrosion, striped screw threading, and cracking. Another tip for safe use of a hoist ring would be occasional load testing.

Example of Hoist Ring in Use
Example of Hoist Ring in Use

How to Ensure a Safe Hoist Ring Connection

One of most important tips is to ensure that the screw is tightened to a pre-determined torque setting. This is important when carrying the load, because if the connection is not tight enough, the threads of the screw may begin to strip. This can become extremely dangerous.

Plus, make sure that the hoist ring sits flush with the surface of the load, as this can compromise the connection. For instance, a washer should never be placed between the hoist ring and the surface of the object that will be lifted. Finally, double swivel hoist rings are designed to be flexible, and if they bind up, they should not be used.

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