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A float valve is a device which can be used to control the level of a fluid in a tank by opening and closing a valve in response to changes in the fluid level. Deelat’s expertly designed copper cube floating valves are ideal for a number of different water applications, including toilet plumbing, water tanks for plant irrigation systems, and animal watering devices.

Copper Float Valves: Types, Applications and Materials

Copper float valves are just one type of float valve. In fact, float valves can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum and plastic, and they are built in a variety sizes. So what are float valves exactly?

Float valves control the amount of water in a tank system, and they open and close as the water level rises or falls. For instance, one of the most common examples is the ballcock found in nearly every toilet. The toilet’s ballcock – which is another term for floating valve – is used to turn off and on the water that’s refilling the tank. For instance, when the ballcock is sitting on top of the water in the tank, the valve is closed and the water shuts off. But when it’s hanging, the water continues to fill.

Toilet Floating Valve
Toilet Floating Valve

The ballcock is just one example, but all float valves serve a similar function. They’re used in automated filling systems, whether for irrigation, animal watering, aquariums etc., and the valves tell the system when to start refilling and when to stop.

Copper Cube Floating Valves: What Are Their Applications? 

Copper float valves are one type of ballcock valve, and they have many applications in water tank systems. As they’re made of copper, they’re more heavy duty and have thicker walls than plastic or rubber ballcocks, and they are built for more industrial applications. For instance, they’re often used in open-tank systems, where there is no cover on the tank – agriculture irrigation systems are a common example.

Deelat Copper Cube Floating Valve
Deelat Copper Cube Floating Valve

Plus, copper cube floating valves may be used in heating systems and to provide venting for piping systems.

Generally, copper floats are made up of three unique pieces:

  • A copper valve
  • An arm or lever
  • A copper float

In these systems, the float valve is a sturdy copper piece connected to a bronze arm. The arm is attached to the air-filled float, which is also made of a sturdy copper. When the water level within the tank, say an irrigation vessel, is below the hanging copper floating ball, the system continues to refill. Then, once the water reaches the copper float, the valve begins to close, effectively turning off the flow of water.

The biggest advantage of copper float valves is that they’re built for different types of systems, compared to plastic floats. For instance, copper floats can withstand greater inlet water temperatures, often up to 200 degrees, as well as greater water pressure. This makes them ideal for high-pressure industrial systems, as well as those that deal with hotter water. is a leader in industrial valve sales. We provide a wide selection of wholesale industrial supplies, including copper cube floating valves and copper floats. Browse our selection of valves today for the best prices on high quality construction supplies.