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Deelat offers a wide selection of computer privacy screens which are available in a number of different sizes. They use microlouver technology, which creates a narrow viewing angle to ensure that data on the screen can only be seen by people directly in front of the display Deelat’s privacy filters can be used with both notebook and LCY monitors.

Computer Screen Protectors and Privacy Screens: Types and Uses

Have you ever felt someone reading your computer screen over your shoulder? It’s a disarming experience, and for professionals who work with sensitive information or for those who are filling out private forms, computer-screen peepers are a cause for concern.

Luckily, there’s an easy-to-install, low-cost solution. They’re called computer privacy filters, or security screens, and they enable anyone to quickly disguise the screen of their desktop, laptop or notepad devices.

Here’s how it works: Computer security screens are polarized sheets of plastic that come in a variety of sizes. They are designed to sit over the front of your screen and be easily attached with adhesive. The privacy screen then makes it only possible for people with a straightforward view of the screen to see the images. Those viewing from the side or over-the-shoulder will only see a black screen.

Laptop Privacy Screen
Laptop Privacy Screen

Common Uses for Computer Privacy Screens

The privacy aspect is why people usually purchase computer security screens. But that’s just one example. In fact, privacy is just one of the many uses of a privacy screen. Many of today’s privacy filters also act as:

  • Anti-Glare Filters: The same technology that obscures the computer screen also reduces glare from natural and artificial light. This helps reduce eye fatigue, which is especially important for people who spend a lot of hours looking at a screen. Plus, an added benefit is that anti-glare filters may also help improve the graphics on your monitor by boosting the contrast of images.
  • Screen Protectors: Laptops and tablet computers take a beating when they’re toted between the office and home. A privacy filter acts as a protective layer. This is especially important for tablets and other touchscreen devices, which are more prone to scratches and cracking. Plus, a privacy screen can help prevent scratches that commonly occur during screen cleanings.

So How Do You Select The Right One for Your Computer?

Today’s privacy filters are designed to fit on a variety of screens. In fact, the majority of LCD and CRT screens can be covered. The biggest thing to consider, though, is matching the size of your filter to the screen of your device. Privacy filters aren’t designed to be cut-to-fit, and this can actually diminish their protecting qualities.

To find the actual size of your monitor or display, you can consult the owner’s manual. This will tell you exact size, as well as aspect ratio. If this information isn’t readily available, you can also measure the screen diagonally, which will provide the monitor’s size.
The good news is: Many filters are nearly universal, and they can be affixed to a variety of devices.
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