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Bird spikes are used to prevent birds such as pigeons and gulls from landing on your property. Birds favor landing on flat surfaces so these spikes work by removing that option. The spikes are blunt ended to prevent injury and are a humane solution to free up space from unwanted guests.

Can Bird Spikes Help You Deter Nuisance Birds at Your Home?

Pigeons are one of the most common pests for homeowners, and they tend to roost on the eaves of homes and buildings, on patios and fences, and on boats. They create a mess, which is unsightly and unhygienic, and some bird species can also create a lot of noise, which is another annoyance for homeowners and property managers.

Luckily, homeowners have a range of options for managing pest birds like pigeons and gulls. In fact, there is a quick, easy and humane solution for dealing with nuisance birds, called bird control spikes. Bird spikes are commonly used to deter larger nuisance birds, like pigeons and gulls, and they’re among the lowest cost options for pest control.

Bird Spikes
Bird Spikes

What Are Bird Spikes?

Bird spikes sound more menacing than they are, and don’t actually cause harm to any nuisance animal. Instead, bird control spikes – which are also commonly referred to as anti-roosting spikes – are affixed to places where birds tend to congregate.

Each bird spike is made of a base of a certain length, and a series of metal, stainless steel spikes that jut out from the base. The spikes are dulled, and they have blunt edges, so that animals aren’t injured. The spikes are designed to prevent animals from perching. For instance, a bird spike could be attached to the eaves of a property, or on patio ledges, and in turn, the spike strip would prevent birds from perching in that spot.

Bird spikes can be affixed in a variety of locations where nuisance birds commonly roost, including:

  • Decks, porches and patios
  • Barns, out buildings
  • Building and home eaves
  • Garden fences
  • Boat eaves and marinas

Bird Spikes Are Humane, Preventative

Commonly, homeowners want to remove nuisance animals without harming them. The good news about bird spikes: They’re completely humane. Animals aren’t injured or hurt by the bird spike, and bird spikes don’t require chemicals or poisons in their applications.

Bird Spike in Action
Bird Spike in Action

Instead, the bird spike is a highly effective deterrent that doesn’t hurt the animal. Bird spikes obstruct commonly perching and roosting spots for animals, making it impossible for larger species like ravens, gulls and pigeons to land. Because of this, bird spikes are commonly recommended by a humane societies, environmental organizations and animal rights groups in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. for deterring nuisance birds.

There are alternatives to bird spikes, of course. For instance, netting and mesh fencing can be used to completely block out surfaces where birds commonly land. This method is another humane method for deterring problem bird species, and in some cases, it may be more effective. For instance, in some locations, birds have learned to build nests within the spikes, and that makes bird spikes less effective. Plus, the spikes can become clogged with debris, which is why bird spikes need to be regularly cleaned, especially if they’re placed under large trees with falling leaves.
Alternatives to Bird Spikes

There are many reasons why bird spikes are advantageous compared to the alternatives. First, bird spikes are affordable and low-cost. The most basic models are come in at less than $10, plus they’re easy to install. Additionally, bird spikes are low-maintenance and non-destructive. That’s why they’re often a low-risk starting point for dealing with nuisance birds.

Some of the alternatives include:

  • Ultrasonic sound systems
  • Predator distress calling systems
  • Electric barriers and netting
  • Lighting deterrents

Several of these alternatives cost hundreds of dollars or more, and they may not always be effective. The effectiveness of these systems depends on a variety of factors, including the species of the targeted animals, the location of the deterrent, and climate conditions. is your source for low-cost pest control supplies. We are one of the largest online hardware retailers, boasting a massive selection of supplies at unbeatable prices.