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Stair nosing is a safe method to finish your wood or laminate flooring on your staircase, by hiding the edges of the wood flooring, where the two wood floors meet. They are designed to blend in with your floor and prevent slipping or falling. Easy to install and gives you that firm grip.

How Aluminum Stair Nosing Can Protect Your Staircase

Stair nosing is the part of the step that overhangs from the riser, or the front of the step. It’s very common for interior stairs to have nosing, and you see it on all types of staircases, from hardwood steps to carpeted staircases.

Aluminum Stair Nosing
Aluminum Stair Nosing

The overhang serves a few purposes. First, it provides better footing and signals that a step is about to end. For this reason, these types of steps are usually safer and they better prevent falls. Plus, it helps to protect the riser and the nosing provides a finished look. The nose is often the part of the stair that receives the most wear and tear.

Luckily, since the nosing takes a lot of wear and tear, there are applications you can take to protect your steps. For instance, adding a stair nosing covering, like aluminum stair nosing strips can protect against wear and provide treaded footing.

When to Use Aluminum Stair Nosing and Stair Tread?

L-shaped stair nosing is made from all types of materials, including rubber, vinyl, wood and steel. But one of the most common is aluminum stair nosing with built-in tread.

Deelat Aluminum Stair Nosing D1143223
Deelat Aluminum Stair Nosing D1143223

Aluminum nosing is commonly used because it’s extremely durable, easy to work with, and it can be applied to nearly every type of staircase, from concrete, to tile and hardwood. Plus, aluminum nosing can also be used inside and out, and it’s an extremely affordable building material.

Generally, aluminum nosing strips are attached to the tread, or top of the step, as well as the riser, the front of the step. They can be used in a variety of locations, and for a variety of reasons, from protection to providing better footing. Luckily, there are many different types of nosing strips and they can be applied to just about any type of staircase. They are commonly used in public facilities, for added protection against falls, and they can be added to the home to protect the staircase.

Stair Nosing Maintenance and Installation Tips

Installing and maintaining aluminum stair nosing is very easy, but proper application and maintenance are important for best results. For instance, improper installation of stair nosing and tread can cause the strip to become loose, which creates a potentially dangerous tripping hazard.

Here are a few things to consider when installing nosing thread:

  • Consider Building Codes: A stair’s nosing can have a maximum overhang of 1.25 inches, according to International Building Code. This figure may be different in your location, but in most cases, the length includes the aluminum nosing. That means you must compensate the added length of the stair nosing mold, so you don’t overextend the nose.
  • Avoid Aluminum Burring: Generally, aluminum nosing comes in long strips that need to be cut down to fit each step. This can be done with a hacksaw, but this process can create a sharp edge. Be sure to smooth these edges with a file before installing.
  • Clean Before Application: Any irregularities in the step, caused by dirt and grim, or chips and cracks can cause the nosing strip to fit improperly. Before installation, you should clean the step thoroughly, as well as repair holes, chips and cracks.
  • Use the Right Shape: Your nosing should match the shape of the step. Generally, L-shaped aluminum nosing fits most standard steps that create a 90-degree angle. For steps with curved nosing, a specially shaped nosing strip might be necessary.
  • Ensure a Tight Fit: The integrity of the stair nosing requires a proper fit. That means the treading and nosing strip should sit flush on both the tread and the riser of the stair. Plus, gaps or space should not exist in between the nosing strip and the stair.

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