Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Tips

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home.  It should have the look and feel you desire so that you can feel pampered and comfortable.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you need to take great care and consideration not only for the aesthetics but also the practical elements.  It is challenging to do a bathroom renovation yourself, but it is by no means impossible.

Below are some of our ideas and tips for bathroom renovation projects:

1.) Check into the standard measurements for bathroom fixtures and make sure you have enough space.  For example, you need a minimum of 30 inches of width to accommodate a toilet, a fact that you cannot work around no matter how handy you are.  Similarly, tubs, showers and sinks require adequate space.


2.) Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door.  Generally it’s advised that you shouldn’t be able to see the toilet when the door is open because it’s not the first thing your guests should see when they walk past your bathroom.


3.) You have many options regarding sinks in terms of design and style.  Double sinks are what you want if it is a shared bathroom.  If the bathroom has a small space, you can use a corner sink to avoid crowding an entry door or shower door when it swings open.  And if storage space is the problem, look into floating vanities.

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4.) Treat yourself to a good shower unit.  If you need to reduce your stress at the end of the day, forget about a simple shower head and hand shower.  Instead, put in a shower panel with massage jets — the added expense is worth it.

5.) Go the extra mile if you can.  If you’re planning to install a shower panel with massage jets, why not upgrade to a computerized curved steam shower unit or a steam room or sauna?  Many of these units are slide-in-place models that are easy to install.

6.) Splurge on high-end materials.  Are you hesitant to put money into your bathroom?  Don’t be.  Because it is a small space, the cost to put in better flooring could be within your budget.  The investment is smart; your bathroom will look more luxurious to guests and future home buyers.


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