Applications for using Pneumatic Air Riveters

Pneumatic Air Riveters are a tool that can be used for a variety of applications, all of which are very satisfying and efficient to use. A pneumatic air rivet gun uses a hydraulic system and is powered via air pressure fed into the bottom of the tool. It then fires a rivet into a pre-drilled hole which creates a secure bond between two items. It can be used in a variety of industries, including construction, metal fabrication, automotive, aeronautics, and woodworking.


air rivet 1

Below are some of the main applications for using Pneumatic Air Riveters:


For Decorative Effect – There’s something primal and powerful about using rivets in metal which means they don’t always have to be used for practical purposes. Riveted metal has been used for decorative purposes for years and can be used as part of a frame for a mirror or picture. It can also be used to build a lamp stand or a metal desk or chair. Of course, some of this will involve riveting for practical as well as decorative effect, but all are still aesthetic decisions based on your decor. Check out Pinterest for some examples of the kind of design applications you can use your riveter for. Seasonal decorations (ie, Halloween, Christmas etc) can also be attached to walls with rivets to make sure they stay in place.


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Woodworking – Riveting is best known as a way of bonding metal but it’s also frequently used in woodworking too. Rivets actually work better than the traditional nails and screws when it comes to securing pieces of wood together in the assembly of furniture, shelving, etc. Of course, it can also be used for attaching the hinges, runners, handles and knobs, and would probably be even more commonly used if screws weren’t seen as the easier option for flat-pack self-assembly.

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General DIY and Home Building – Your rivet gun has so many applications around the house, whether you’re starting from scratch or doing some maintenance. Guttering needs rivets to be held in place and to be attached together, while anything made out of fiberglass is best constructed with a riveter too. Other household fixtures that can – and often need to – use rivets include doors, windows and blinds, so it really is a tool that will constantly come in handy if you regularly do work around the home.

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