Applications for Projector Screens & How to Choose the Right Size

Projectors have been around for decades. The idea behind them dates back to the dawn of the first century AD with the use of Chinese magic mirrors. Projectors as we know them today have been in use since the early 20th century. Like vinyl records, they have been called obsolete many times since digital alternatives arrived, and like vinyl, projectors have been staging a comeback in recent years.

projector screen 3

Of course, if you are going to buy a projector, you also need a good quality projector screen in order to view a good quality image. But what kind of applications are there for a projector screen and how do you know what size of screen to choose from that will meet your requirements?


Business presentations

Traditionally, this is what most of us think of when it comes to using a projector screen, presenting information at a business event or conference. In these situations you will want to have a larger screen so that as many people as possible will be able to easily see what you are showing them.

projector screen 1

Schools and training sessions

Another classic use of projectors, having the right screen for your training session or school class, means that you can convey the information and visuals you need in order to help your students learn the information that’s required. Your screen doesn’t need to be quite as large as you will be in a smaller room, but a tripod is a good option for making sure none of the screen is hidden from view.


Showing movies and playing games

Modern projectors are often the best method for showing movies because of the image size they are capable of projecting without the picture quality getting lost in the process. They can also work as a highly immersive way to play video games. You’ll need to make sure you have the right kind of projector for this application, and also the right screen, which is as large as you can fit in the room and preferably one that sits on the floor.

projector screen 4

Displaying photos at family functions

Whether it is at a birthday party or wedding, you can use a projector screen to display photos for entertainment, nostalgia or dramatic effect. With the right projector, you can produce a high quality image from whatever input you use to add the photos. A larger screen will do them justice, which can be particularly impressive if you are showing some of the official wedding photography at the reception.



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