Applications and uses for Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are, as the name suggests, pieces of machinery that are designed to pump fluids out of whatever needs to be emptied (and into any new location you want it to go). They are normally used in place of jet pumps because the action of pushing the liquid to the surface, as opposed to pulling it, is more efficient and helps to avoid pump cavitation.

pump 1

The motor for the pump is hermetically sealed in the casing to ensure that the electricity and water never meet when it is submerged. Having the pump submerged in the water means that less energy is used in the process, making it a more cost effective type of pump to use in any water or liquid that is deep enough for it to fit.

Here are some of the most common applications and uses for submersible pumps:


Irrigation – Submersible pumps are ideal for setting up an irrigation system for anyone with large areas of land that need a supply of water, whether it’s for farmland or for a smaller garden. Because of the relatively low running costs and efficiency, they’re an essential tool if you want to do irrigation the proper way.

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Emptying septic tanks – Pumping sewage is the less glamorous side when it comes to submersible pump applications, but it’s something that needs to be done, especially if you use a septic tank on your property.


Industrial applications – Building sites can often have a problem with excess water, whether it has come from the ground or the sky, and certain areas including parts where digging has occurred can easily fill up with water. A submersible pump is a quick and easy way to clear those areas so that work can continue.

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Wells and boreholes – Drawing water up from a well or a borehole is one of the most common uses of a submersible pump, which can be lowered down into the water source and pumped up quickly and conveniently without any of the problems that other pumping methods can cause.


Flood control – In areas where natural flooding can occur regularly, one of the most effective ways of clearing the floodwaters and allowing people and businesses to get back to normality is to use submersible pumps, particularly given how efficient and flexible they are in comparison with other pumps.

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Clearing ponds and lakes – If you have a larger body of water you want to remove, using submersible pumps to drain the water away will get the job done with a minimum cost, though you need to do your research and make sure you are getting a pump that can handle whatever might come out of the lake or pond in terms of solid items. Multiple pumps may be required for larger amounts of water as well.

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