Applications and uses for different Lighting Types

Lighting is an essential component to all types of homes and businesses. It may be something that’s required by all, however that doesn’t mean it’s a simple one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different types of lighting available to meet various standards, and you need to know which types are right for you.

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There’s so much more to lighting than a bulb hanging from a fixture on the ceiling. Here’s a look at some of the applications and uses for different types of lighting!

Outdoor Lighting

There’s plenty of outdoor lights available that you can use to ensure that your outdoor spaces can be illuminated to look better when the sun goes down whether it be for entertaining guests or for security purposes. Underground lights look great alongside a pathway or patio while solar powered outdoor lights can be used  either for decoration or for security purposes. There are even Christmas lights (also solar powered) for bringing some festive decor to the outside of your home or back yard.


Factory Lighting

Outdoor lighting also has it’s purpose in the workplace, in order to provide security for staff leaving after dark, but there’s some lighting that specifically applies to inside the workplace. Factory lighting and lamps offer a multitude of uses depending on the circumstances. Different working environments require different levels of lighting protection so that they can continue to function under extreme conditions.

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Explosion proof lighting of all shapes and sizes can be found, along with lights that are corrosion, water and dust proof. Emergency lighting is also essential for workplaces, particularly where more risk is involved, and even offices or homes where it can be used in the event of power failures.

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Public Lighting

The same goes for exit signs, which can be used in large factories or any public place where people might need to be guided towards an exit, potentially in the dark or during a fire where smoke obscures their sight. These are very important aspects of health and safety for any building, so every responsible property owner or employer needs to make sure they have them.

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It isn’t just large scale lamps that can be important in potentially hazardous environments. Explosion proof torches and searchlights are also an essential part of any set up for businesses dealing with those kind of conditions. These also come in various shapes and sizes to suit each purpose and environment.


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