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Advantages of Using Outdoor Solar Lights

When most people think about the benefits of outdoor solar-powered lighting the first thing that comes to their minds is cost.  While outdoor solar lighting is certainly cheaper to operate (and easier to install) than electric lighting, there are several other benefits that make this type of lighting a must-have.

solar lighting 1


Appearance:  Outdoor lighting can improve the appearance of your landscaping, provide enough light for late night parties, and improve the aesthetics of your home.  If you are looking to put your house on the market, solar lighting can help improve the resale value of your home.

Deelat’s assortment of outdoor solar-powered lighting offers many options to improve the appearance of your home.  For example, the D1151529 outdoor street light is a solar-powered, 3,000 lumens LED model that can be used to brighten your courtyard, driveway or patio.  The light requires up to ten hours charging in bright sunlight, after which it can light an area for three nights.  This model has a light diameter of 25 feet.

solar lighting 3SKU #D1151529

Safety:  Bright lights that are triggered by motion are often enough to deter criminals.  Furthermore, you will feel safe going out at night to run errands, take out the trash or get the mail if you install a light with a motion detector.

Deelat’s powerful solar-powered outdoor lights with motion sensors include the D1151538 model.  This light requires 11 hours to charge in sunlight, after which it has more than five nights worth of lighting time.  This model has a maximum of 1,000 lumens of brightness with a lighting diameter of 16 feet.


solar lighting 4 solar lighting 5   SKU #D1151538

Environmentally Friendly:  Because outdoor solar lighting does not have a negative impact on the environment, you can implement elaborate, guilt-free projects with Deelat’s wide assortment of lighting products.  Try the wall-mounted D1173517 and pedestal-mounted D1151541 solar landscape lights, which are wonderful additions to a landscaped yard.  Don’t forget to add D1173513 in-ground lights to accent your garden as well.

solar lighting 6  SKU #D1151541

Visit for the quick and easy purchase of solar powered outdoor lighting. We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garage and Driveway

Spring represents a time of rebirth and that means it’s time to organize and clean your home.  A big part of spring cleaning involves the garage, the shed, driveway and any other space that gets a lot of use in the warmer months.  Below are a few ideas and tips to help you clean and organize your garage and clean your driveway.




1.) Recruit a friend and the job will seem easier. You could clean and organize your place this weekend and do theirs the following weekend.


2.) Be prepared to get rid of unwanted or unused items. Assess how much you have in your garage that you use on a regular basis. Anything covered in dust from last year can probably be packed away.  Also, consider having a yard sale if you have unwanted power or hand tools, as there is always demand for those items.



3.) As you size up what you store in your garage, determine the best way to organize your items. Do you only need to separate small things, like craft materials, jewelry, screws, nuts, bolts, nails and screwdrivers?  A color coded system of storage bins (D1163244) is what’s best.  If you have power tools cluttering your work bench and garage floor, it’s a good idea to install shelving.  Either heavy duty wire shelving (D1101222) or open steel shelving (D1170895) will work depending on how much you have and how heavy it is.

garageclean3      SKU# D1163244

4.) Don’t clean and organize your garage only to have it return to its messy conditions. Ever hear the expression “plan twice, build once?”  Think of organizing your garage like this:  “organize once, reorganize never again.



5.) A pressure washer (D1774621) is not only a good idea for cleaning your siding and patio, but also a method to remove paint and other stains that have accumulated over time on your driveway. Various attachments and cleaners are on the market to help you do a thorough job.  Once you finish, inspect your driveway for cracks.  Is it time to have it resealed?

garageclean6 offers a wide selection of organizational, storage, and maintenance products for sale. Shop with us today and save!

Essential Outdoor Projects for Spring 2018

Spring is here again, and whether you’re planning to get your house on the market or relax outdoors this season, it’s time to get to work!  According to research from Virginia Tech, upgrading a home’s landscape from average to excellent can raise its overall value by 10 to 12 percent.  The following landscape elements were found to be most important to survey respondents:  design sophistication, plant size and the diversity of plant material type.

spring 1

If you aren’t selling your home, why not make improvements now to turn that boring backyard into an outdoor lounge?  At Deelat Industrial, we have what you need for projects large and small.

Garden Tools

You’ll want to plant attractive shrubs and beautiful flowers this season, so stock up on the right tools for the job.

With handles made from Ailanthus Altissima, a hard wood originating from China, our shovels and spades are rugged and can handle hours of digging, lifting and moving soil and sand.  Among the other handle materials available are aluminum alloy, aspen wood and birch.

Once the plants are in the ground, it’s time to give them a good look.  In addition to SS Professional Pruning Shears (D1160567), which have aluminum alloy blades, we have long-reach garden scissors (D1155206) for pruning, cutting and trimming those hard to reach plants.

spring 2SKU# D1160567


A variety of sprayers are available from Deelat for gardening and outdoor maintenance applications.  With capacities ranging from four to 17 liters, you will be able to store and spray all manner of cleaning and gardening related chemicals.  The spray flow can be adjusted to create a fog spray for fine application on large areas, or a more streamlined spray for stronger application on a specific target.  In addition to manual sprayers, we offer electric pressure washers, which feature rechargeable batteries and come in capacities of 16 or 25 liters.

spring 3SKU# D1150681


Pressure Washers

As you finish your gardening projects, you may notice debris on your sidewalk, patio, walkway or brickwork.  And perhaps the siding on your house is looking dingy now that your landscaping is top notch.  With a pressure washer from Deelat, such as the D1774621, you can blast away, comfortable in the knowledge that its nine-horse power gasoline engine and 3000 PSI stream can handle the task.

spring 4                SKU# D1774621


Solar Garden Lights

Solar powered landscape lights are a wonderful addition to a landscaped yard.  Installing them is easy due to the fact that they are wireless.  Try the short cup design (D1151541), which is made from durable aluminum alloy and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic; or the European-styled D1173514 light, which is constructed out of high quality aluminum.  Both of these 100-lumen LED lights can be mounted on top of brick, concrete or wood structures and screwed into place.

spring 5       SKU# D1173514 is the place to visit for outdoor yard and maintenance items! We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save! 

Advantages of Using Police Body Cameras

Police officers and civilians both behave differently when they know they’re being recorded, and that’s one reason among many that video footage used in policing is beneficial.  With the rise of police misconduct in the news, the public might be under the false assumption that officers of the law do not want their actions recorded.  The truth is that officers who follow procedure during arrests — the ‘good cops’ — want video coverage.  Body cameras provide unbiased evidence of what transpires in policing.  They have the power to exonerate the good cops and to condemn the bad ones.


But how do these advantages play out in your role as a cop?  How does this technology function to improve policing?


Let’s start with how the footage is rendered.  Body cameras are equipped with sensors that have resolutions as low as 16 and as high as 34, and even at the low end this is adequate to capture an accurate depiction of the events.  Accuracy in evidence gathering is what’s most important.

In addition, an optimal resolution will allow you to make the most of the camera’s 140-degree wide angle lens.  If something is happening in the periphery of the camera or at a distance, that resolution will allow you to zoom in and inspect the footage in close detail.  This could present the evidence that breaks a case open.

Being able to capture snapshots while video is recording is a plus when an officer has the intention of photographing someone or something.  It’s handy to have this camera at your disposal.



Storage Capacity

One concern with body cameras could be the belief that they impede policing, but that fear is quickly allayed when you hold one: they are less than 6 oz and fit comfortably in the hand.  But would an officer have to break from his routine to repeatedly upload content from his camera or switch to a fresh camera during a shift?

With storage capacities of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes, this isn’t likely.  On the smaller side, the 16g unit records up to five hours of footage, and on larger side of the spectrum, the 64g records up to nine hours.


File Transfer

The data collected by the body camera is kept secure by data protection software.  Furthermore, the video files are password protected in-camera.  Once a shift is over, the data from the unit can be transferred via a USB cable to computer (body cameras are available in Windows or Mac formats).  This technology helps to maintain the integrity of the footage.


The police body camera docking station serves as a central hub for charging police body cameras and for data uploading.  The station, which can hold up to eight cameras, charges them to full capacity in four hours.

policecamera 3

Deelat Industrial is your source for police body cameras that feature optimal technology.  We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices.  Shop with us today and save!

Tips for Organizing your Home or Business in 2018

New resolutions for the year ahead can be a useful way of making meaningful changes in your life. But there is no point setting goals that you know you won’t be able to achieve. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to help you get organized in 2018, both at home and in the workplace.


Master Your Storage

While plenty of people have made attempts to ditch physical documents all together, in reality this isn’t practical in a domestic or a commercial setting. So if your filing cabinets are overflowing and your shelving is not up to the task, it’s time for a change!


Investing in more storage is an obvious solution, and one which will help you stay on top of your filing for the next 12 months. But it can also be useful to optimize your existing resources and make sure that you are not hanging on to older documents or products unnecessarily.

shelvSKU #D1096880

Now is a great time to begin spring cleaning early. Even if a little hard work is required, you’ll be happy in the long run. You might even get into the habit of assessing your storage needs more regularly, which will make things easier over time.


Streamline Security

Peace of mind is priceless, but a lack of protection can leave you fretting about your premises when you are elsewhere. Nothing can leave you feeling more helpless and disorganized than having to deal with the aftermath of a burglary.


The good news is that with modern security camera solutions, it has never been easier to monitor a home or business around the clock. High resolution censors, night vision recording and remote feed access are all par for the course these days.

image SKU #D1147893

It could even be the right time to snap up a new DVR which can capture footage from your existing security camera setup and make it easier to review and store in one place. Tying up loose ends before they trip you up is the best way to work.


Get Tooled Up

Putting off completing those little jobs that build up over the course of a year can leave you will a long list of things that need to be fixed. And the temptation to ignore them for another 12 months will be greater if you don’t have access to the right tools.

 sanderSKU # D1140952

Rather than procrastinating, get your act together and order the items you need to get to work today. Whether you are on the look out for a sander to stop that door from sticking, or a drill bit to finally put up that picture frame you bought that is gathering dust somewhere, quality tools will help you spring into action!


Whatever organizational milestones you want to pass this year, you can find plenty of competitively priced products at Deelat Industrial to give you a helping hand. From home improvement to business innovation, we stock everything you need to get started on your next big project. We’ve got you covered with quality products at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!

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